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There are plenty of questions about the new season of Arrow right now, but perhaps on of the biggest right now is the one that was raised quite a while ago:

Who is in the grave?

There are plenty of potential candidates, but it is quite safe to say that there are a few that we can take off the list with particular ease, with Felicity Smoak now in the safe zone, along with the more obvious choices, including Barry Allen and Oliver Queen himself. This article will go through the various characters and whether they're likely to be the unfortunate occupant of the grave.

1) Donna Smoak

This seemed relatively unlikely until the show recently started to bring her up a lot more often. This may be so that her death would have more impact with the viewers, giving it great shock value if she dies. Another reason that she might be the one that dies is the fact that Felicity is clearly shaken by the death, maybe even shaken to the core. The death must have been of someone close to her, and who else could that be apart from her mom? The inhabitant of the grave is also much closer to Felicity than to Oliver, as the death seemed to have greater impact on her than Oliver.

Chance of death: Relatively high

2) Captain Lance

Another possible candidate for the grave is Captain Lance. His death would be felt quite strongly with the viewers, as we have come to view him with some respect in the last view episodes, and his relationship with Felicity's mother has given him a sense of humanity he didn't have before. But there is the fact that this death won't be very impactful with the viewers, as Captain Lance is not a fan-favourite. There is also the fact that he is closer with Oliver than with Felicity, so why would she be so shaken by his death? Why was Felicity's reaction shown instead of someone like Laurel, if it was her father who died? Then again, showing Laurel would make it too obvious that it was Captain Lance who died, and Felicity's reaction could be justified by the fact that she is usually the more emotional one out of her and Oliver.

Chances of death: Relatively Likely

3) Diggle

Diggle does seem to be both a likely, yet very unlikely candidate for the grave. Likely due to the fact that his death would be felt very strongly by the viewers, as he is one of the favorite's of the fans. People would be incredibly shocked. The reason for Oliver's decision to kill Damien Dahrk would be more than justified. Both Oliver's and Felicity's reactions would be perfect for this outcome, and there is the fact that Diggle's brother may have been the one who was manipulated by Dahrk (through mind control) to murder his brother. Or Diggle may just have been killed by Dahrk on one of his missions with Oliver, which could be the reason the death was felt so strongly by Oliver and Felicity, as Diggle's death would be a testament to their failure. However, Diggle is a fan favorite. The show would be getting rid of one of its greatest characters, and they have probably decided that killing a character just to bring them back won't go well with the fans, and neither would this death. So the only reason this death is unlikely is because of us, the fans. And there might be the fact that Oliver doesn't look nearly as shocked as he should be if his best friend had been killed.

Chances of Death: Both highly likely and highly unlikely

4) Laurel Lance

Ah, Laurel Lance. Perhaps one of the most despised characters on the show. To be perfectly honest, it would be a blessing if Laurel was in the grave. The fans would be delighted, as we have had quite enough of Laurel Lance. She is also very close to both Oliver and Felicity, but still distant enough from Oliver (at least in this season) that Felicity being more shocked than Oliver could be justified. But then again, the creators of Arrow probably have some idea that this death wouldn't be shocking, it would be a blessing. Maybe they have taken pity on us and decided to kill her, but it would seem they would go after someone whose death would leave more impact on the fans, so certainly not Laurel. There is also the fact that no one wants to see Captain Lance moping around after the death of his second daughter, as its something we've already seen before.

Chances of death: Moderately Likely, but please let it be certain

5) Thea Queen

This death is very unlikely. Thea has been killed before, and the build-up of this death to come cannot be a death that has been repeated before. They might as well bring Sarah Lance back and kill her, as the impact this death would have on the fans would be about the same. Then there's the fact that Oliver would be a lot more shaken by this death than Felicity, so the reactions don't even line up.

Chances of Death: Very Unlikely

That's all for now folks. I don't think there is anyone else that is worthy of being on this list, so sorry that you weren't important enough Arsenal, Malcolm Merlyn, and Lyla Diggle. Their death would have next to zero impact, as we hardly see enough of them, and they can't possibly cause that extreme of a reaction, apart from Arsenal, but he doesn't appear nearly regularly enough on the show.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below if you think I missed someone out, or if you're just looking for a debate. Thanks !!


Who do you think is in the grave?


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