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SpiderDad was created by me, Mike Wilson. My son Jayden was sadly lost his battle to a brain tumor at Christmas, and i've been fundraising i
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Kilimanjaro is considered to be on the Bucket List. A challenge which i not simply a stroll up a mountain, but a dedicated commitment to surviving. Mike Wilson took his son's favorite Spiderman cuddly toy on this emotional journey, but did he make it? The documentary video goes live tomorrow at 7pm UK Time.

By far one of the hard challenges I've ever faced!

Spiderman is a favorite superhero character with many children across the world. SpiderDad hopes to use the web head figure to put smiles and happiness in children going through difficult times similar to his son Jayden who sadly passed away from a Brain Tumor nearly one year ago.

Spiderdad climbs Kilimanjaro
Spiderdad climbs Kilimanjaro

The mission was to reach the summit along with Jayden's Uncles but also with his Spiderman Cuddly Toy. A way of bringing a piece of Jayden with them. This short film showcases the difficult journey both emotionally, physically and mentally. Hoping to get a small understanding of how strong and amazing kids with cancer are.

The documentary film goes LIVE tomorrow HERE. So please subscribe, rate, comment and share as each view contribute towards raising money for Naomi House.

Thank you.


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