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I was born with my disability, so it’s a lot different than having one thurst upon you. But, I felt the initial portrayal was very honest, heartfelt, and realistic to a certain degree. I say that because “Arrow” is not known for its medical accuracy.

The truth about the coming is one issue, and I’ve seen certain fans comment, “Oh she has to find this out when she’s in the chair.”. I personally don’t see the disability/injury as added weight to that issue. It is difficult, but it would be difficult with or without the chair. As a writer and someone who comes from a blended family, the writers should have handled that better. There’s no sense of realism with that ultimatum. They dropped the ball. It’s also one of the most used soap opera tropes.

I don’t see them getting back together by the end of season 4. Just because the timing and the fact their loved one died. However, I have no doubt they’ll get back together. I see that more as a season 5 story line with the wedding at 5x08 (Flarrow/Possibly Legends) crossover.

Personally, especially with Oliver’s line about making it part of mission to help her walk again, her disability won’t be permanent. That being said, it’s going to take some time. Paralysis isn’t a broken knee. I hope they give the respect the story/character deserves. But, with the world that they live in, this can be fixed by mythical or scientific means. I’m okay with that, and I certainly don’t wish paralysis on anyone. However, despite the length of the disability, I’m proud to have Overwatch represent the disabled community at least for a little because growing up as a young woman. Yes, there were disabled super heroes like Professor X, Oracle, and Proxy. But, I grew up with watching Saturday morning cartoons, much like The Flash’s Candice Patton. So, it may be selfish, but I’m proud and intrigued to finally have representation of a female disabled hero on television today.

Right now Oliver and Felicity are both of each others’ support, light, inspiration, and hope. And right now, I think that’s needed. As stubborn, independent, strong, and bad ass as they are individually. It’s important to have that needed support. With or without the chair, Felicity remains to the anchor of the team. The chair only changes physically. It’s more emotional having to deal with the struggle of new limitations. But, that doesn’t that Felicity isn’t Felicity. She’s still amazingly smart, and Oliver said in awe of strength. She’s still strong. She’s still bad ass. Disabilities from birth or otherwise are a journey. They eventually become the new normal. This is her journey, and as far as changes go, this will only make her stronger than she already is. What changes both her and Oliver at the end of season is the death of her loved. I don’t see paralysis as a negative development for her. Sorry this was so long, but I hope I got my point across clearly. As a disabled fan of the show, I want to discuss the other side of the coin, so to speak.


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