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Welcome to the fourth issue of Chills and Thrills! Many look forward to February for two important reasons. The first reason being we get our tax refunds! The other is Valentine's Day (for me it's the day after, when chocolate is half off). Valentine's Day was originally known as St. Valentine's Day. It was (and still is) a day to commemorate St. Valentine.

St. Valentine
St. Valentine

Valentine was a priest who was martyred around 496 AD, and performed many marriages to Roman soldiers who were forbidden to wed. Nowadays, it's a national 'holiday' that's an intimate occasion for some, and for others a source of extreme pressure from their partner to buy over-sized teddy bear or flowers, or else they'll come off as a royal douche-pinata. Thank you Hallmark!

Many channels tend to do re-runs of romantic films on Valentine's Day, specifically romantic-comedies. However, a genre that's usually ignored during this time is horror. It's commonly presumed that can't explore or display the inner machinations of a relationship because there's usually gore, violence or creepy imagery surrounding it. I personally don't agree. A few of my favorite couples are actually from these films. In fact, these unions (in my opinion) are far superior to those who can be seen in some cheesy, and listless rom-coms.

9. Michael and Starr from 'The Lost Boys'

When Michael goes to the Santa Monica Pier he spots a beautiful sight among the crowd. Starr initially plays hard to get, but as the movie progresses she begins expressing concern and affection towards him. When Michael turns into a human-vampire hybrid she consoles him, and offers to help in any way she can. Their relationship isn't as deep as the others on this list. Yet, the two actors' (Jason Patric and Jamie Gertz) chemistry displays a loving and sincere bond.

8. Nancy and Glen from 'Nightmare on Elm Street'

On the surface, Glenn and Nancy may appear as a typical high school couple. However, that's not the case at all. Compared to their friends Tina and Rod who are a couple of horn dogs, Nancy and Glen spend most of their time having conversations together. I'm not trying to imply that having sex is immoral, or doesn't constitute a relationship. Yet, they seem to have a mature approach to their relationship. They talk things out, know what bothers each other and are immensely protective of one another.

7. R and Julie from 'Warm Bodies'

Who'd have thought a zombie and human could share intimacy? No one, until R and Julie proved it could happen. When R sees Julie for the first time his still heart beats for the first time in ages. She initially intends to kill him, but after he brings her to his home and shows her that he's different from other zombies, she begins to appreciate and adore him, and as their love grows he progressively returns to being human again.

6. Edward and Kim from 'Edward Scissorhands'

Edward and Kim's romance is akin to a fairytale. The seemingly monstrous, but kind Edward is enamored with the gorgeous and compassionate Kim. Having been a hermit for many years Edward is enlightened by Kim about modern society. Meanwhile, he shows her the beauty in the most unassuming objects and people.

5. Chucky and Tiffany from 'Bride of Chucky- Curse of Chucky'

This is without a doubt the most twisted couple on here. Their relationship is similar to Harley Quinn and the Joker's. At times it can be abusive (hell, they've killed each other), but the difference is they BOTH love each other. They both relish murdering, and take pleasure in it. In fact, after killing someone, the two dolls incite a bloody and randy make out session.

4. Seth and Veronica 'The Fly'

When they first meet, Seth's an up-and-coming scientist and Veronica's a tenacious journalist. They get together after Seth intrigues her with the prospect of writing a story about his soon to be patented teleportation device. The two become inseparable, but after a test run in his machine goes haywire, Seth's DNA is mutated and he metamorphoses into a fly-human hybrid. Their relationship begins to sour, as a concerned Veronica begs him to get help, but he ignores her pleas. Once he realizes what is happening it's too late for him, and Veronica is faced with a tragic decision.

3. Jack and Sally from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

This romance starts off as one-sided. Sally's a rag doll who's entranced by Jack, but he's too roped up in his schemes to notice. Despite this, he still values her skills and company. Eventually, after Jack saves her and Santa from Oogie Boogie she reveals her feelings for him. Needless to say he returns her sentiments, and they end up together. While their screen time together is short, they give the impression that they've been in love for a long time (despite only knowing each other for a short time).

2. Adam and Barbara from 'Beetlejuice'

Adam and Barbara are a down-to-earth and loving couple who meet a grim demise. Both are dismayed about being dead, and having their house ruined by the new owners. Throughout the film they work together as a team, and try to do what's in each other's best interests. They have their occasional spats, but when they're together you can sense they genuinely enjoy being in each other's company. Their love is so loyal that it surpasses the 'til death do us part' marker.

1. Gomez and Morticia from 'The Addams Family'

Morticia and Gomez are what you'd call a match made in hell. Every day together is a blessing for them. When they gaze into each other's eyes they're enthralled with bliss (or misery, as they put it) and sublime passion. Their love far exceeds morality, as they plan to spend eternity together in adjoining burial plots. Gomez and Morticia are both pariahs among society. And it seems that due to their unique characteristics and sensibilities they were destined for one another.

I believe one of the best aspects of romances in horror films is the diversity. Compared to other films, we simply don't see as many unconventional unions in other genres. Based on this list alone we have a zombie and human, two dolls, and a skeleton and rag doll getting together. Far too often, we're shown the same boring and attractive couple who inevitably fall in love and yada, yada, yada. This is a nice refresher from that intolerable cliche. Anyway, I hope y'all have a nice Valentine's Day and enjoy those tax refunds!


Which couple is your favorite?


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