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In Spanish '' Sicario'' means ''hitman'' - as the subtitles tell us. Directed by Denis Villenueve (Prisoners,Incendies) in his action-packed thriller film of 2015 and one of the most important films of the decade.

I first saw its movie trailer in June 2015. Then I read the rapturous reviews everywhere till I decided that it was my professional duty to see what all the fuss was about. I gotta say, I was totally blown away by Emily Blunt's scenes in the trailer - reminds me of her previous action sci-fiction film in Edge of Tomorrow in which her role was a soldier too. Well, she proved that she could kick ass there. In Sicario, she's literally the only woman in the bunch.

We first met her in a raid on a house in a seemingly quiet subdivision in Arizona with her partner, Reggie (Daniel Kaluuya) that goes wrong in an explosion that killed several officers.

A young field-tested FBI agent played by Emily Blunt in a knockout performance that ranks with the year's best, volunteered for an agency-merging task force that will lead them the doorstep of one of the biggest and most brutal drug lords in Mexico (Bernardo Saracino) against (Julio Cesar Cedillo).

Matt Graver ( Josh Brolin) a smartass laid-back manipulator in sandals who calls himself an ''adviser'' to the dept of defense but has the aura of CIA. His associate, Alejandro Oscar Winner ( Benecio del Toro ) in his another tremendous performance is an ex-mexican-prosecutor turned-assassin. Does Alejandro have a personal agenda? You'll know.

Best movies about ''traditional'' military wars in recent memory are The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty and American Sniper. All talks about the reality of war on drugs that haunts us for an awful long time. We've seen plenty of films in the past that talks about drugs and the brutality behind it. But Sicario succeeds on every levels. Denis Villenueve's Sicario is sensational - its an extreme, brutal complex and violent story of it's time.

You'd see one of the most impressively choreographed gut-wrenching scene after another and extended shootout scenes since Kathryn Bigelow ''The Hurt Locker''. And kudos to Johan Johannson for his groundbreaking score that adds up the intensity of the film that will leave you shaken.

Villenueve and the brilliant cinematographer Roger Deakins achieves visual miracles in the film: His aerial shots of a white-knuckle border and his composition of the most impressive night vision sequences ever caught on film.(An Oscar Consideration for Cinematography).

Emily Blunt deserves Best Actress consideration for her work as Kate Macer here. She doesn't have to tell you how overwhelming and insanely dangerous world she inhabits there. You'd see it through her eyes. One of Blunt's powerful moments come when they were entering Juarez along with the other officers in an armored vehicles and when you see this film you'll know what I meant.

Sicario is the most gripping and tension-packed movie I've seen since Zero Dark Thirty in 2012. It's breathtakingly good filmmaking that strikes us to the very bone.

Still, Sicario gives the best three performances of the year. It is simply One of 2015's very very best films!


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