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Warning: Minor spoilers ahead!


The move The Revenant is about a legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio), who gets brutally mauled by bear and is left for dead by his hunting team. Glass has to survive for days on his own, find home, and he encounters many dangers along the way.


The movie The Revenant is a great movie with a great storyline even though some things were questionable. All of the scenes were filled with a great sense of intensity, as the storyline provided suspense that made you root for Glass all throughout the movie. Plus, since 93% of the movie takes place in exterior locations, the nature scenery in the film is absolutely amazing. And I'm a big fan of nature, which is one of the many reasons why I like this film. Another reason why I liked this film was because of the great display of the raw life of survival that people went through back then. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio is just great in this film. He portrays a brutally wounded guy trying to survive in harsh, harsh weather circumstances, and does a great job of it. This movie also does a great job of showing the bitter relationship between the French and Native Americans back in 1823. In one scene the Native American chief explains to the traders how they took everything from them, their land, their home, and even his daughter, Powaqa, who plays an important role in the plot later on in the movie. Although this movie barely had much talking in it compared to most other movies, it's intensity, suspense, wilderness, and action makes up for it. Even though most of the violence was short, the bloody battle scene at the end really tops the whole movie off. All in all, The Revenant was a phenomenal movie, even if others might disagree. :)


Warning: There are some spoilers in these questions so please proceed with caution. I had some questions about the movie, so if anyone else who saw the movie knows the answers, please feel free to let me know in the comments!

1. The gun that Glass stole from the french guy he saved Powaqa from; Where does all of the ammo come from? Didn't guns back the take time to load, and apply gun powder to, or do you think Glass had taken some ammunition as well, and loaded it when we don't see him in between scenes?

2. How come Glass doesn't die from frostbite or from the extreme cold? DiCaprio even said that he had to do 30 to 40 of the hardest sequences in his career- so imagine living out there in those conditions for the amount of time Glass spends out there in the movie...

3. Wouldn't the horse that Glass took shelter in freeze, therefore making him colder? I mean, he stripped off all his clothes and hopped right in it like it was a sleeping bag... He was probably warm from the inside of the horse but after a while, since the horse isn't living, and therefore isn't producing heat anymore, wouldn't it start to freeze? But then, we don't really know how cold it was, or how long he stayed in there for, or if the skin on the horse protected it from the cold, or if the horse actually did freeze, but I guess it was better than sleeping out in the open with only the clothes he had, so... Yeah.

There are endless possibilities of answers to those questions, so who am I kidding? It's a movie, and everything in it is fake (except for the people and the wilderness they filmed in) and for entertainment purposes only, so I guess we'll just have to live with the misters of fiction.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if I should write more movie reviews!


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