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Ok superfans, so we're super hyped for Batman vs Superman, hitting theaters in March right. Of course we are, and I am greaful we are finally getting the ultimate DC Comics movie we so purely deserve. It has been a long time in coming, but alas I do have a few gripes about a certain revealed baddie. Who apparently will be taking center stage in the 2nd half of the movie, apparently uniting our heroes to work together as a cohesive unit.

Alright, so why am I so up in arms about this plot development in the movie. Well at first I wasn't, at first I was actually excited about it and some what pumped. But the more I thought about it , the more it stared to irk and worry me. In fact everytime I watched the newest long trailer again, I stared to feel like, "hey guys this is a bit premature at this point in the game isn't it...?"

I mean in the comics the just league is already well established and seasoned before Doomsday is even brought into the mix. Which for non-comic readers was in the Superman: Man of Steel #17 in 1992. He was actually created to be Superman's physical equal, another being who could actually go toe to toe with the man of Steel. He is a kryptonian science project gone bad, and creature of immeasurable power.

Sounds like an awesome choice for a big screen baddie right...... Yea it does but not quite for this movie, and here's why.

1. Doomsday is too powerful in the comics for even Superman to take alone or with help from the Justice League fo that matter. He is literally pretty much unstoppable. So Im assuming their going to be depowering him down for the purposes of this movie or Batman and praw Wonderwoman would not survive the brawl. I mean he killed Superman once in the comics.....

2. In this movie he's supposed to be engineered from Zods DNA, and some other samples of kryptonian DNA that Lex gets a hold of and cooks up and presto here's Doomsday..... Well if thats the case then Superman should just be able to snap his neck, like he did to Zod in MOS. Done and done, no super friend help needed.

3. This one is my assumption, hopefully the movie will prove me wrong. But why would Lex set forth on the world a beast supposively strong enough to kill Superman, but also one that has no higher reasoning. And a beast that he has no direct control over. What's the point of taking over a world with no Superman if the world will be destroyed by this beast anyway.....

4. Lastly.... It's way to early to expend a top shelf villan like Doomsday in this new DC universe they are trying to get off the ground. It doesn't really install me with too much confidence about baddie goodness to come. Also it tells me that the actual battle between Bats and Supes is just a mere formality in the movie.... And both of them will survive the battle..... I mean I already knew they would but c'mon people. If they were going to put Doomsday in the movie they should have kept it a surprise, until the movie came out.

I still have high hopes that the movie will be great and fulfill all of my expectations. Man of Steel was enjoyable, so I have faith in Zack Snyders ability to direct an awesome movie, and David Goyer is one of the best action screen writers in cinema right now. It's the Golden age of Super Hero movies folks let's relish it.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25th 2016.


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