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The world has fallen in love with the Marvel Universe since the first film in 2008, and the 11 films since have changed film franchise forever, with their constantly expanding universe and new characters! Well, how about mixing Marvel with something else everyone loves, LEGO? Sure they're one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, but they've also used their character licenses for TV movies and, of course, the highly successful LEGO Movie, which is expecting a sequel in 2018. Mixing Marvel and LEGO isn't a new concept, there was a LEGO Marvel game released in 2013 that was awesome! We've gotten another and it's promising to be bigger and better, so here are the seven reasons to check it out!

1. Playing Through Iconic MCU fights

With chapters of the game taken directly from Marvel films including: Avengers, Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: the Winter Soldier, and Thor: The Dark World, there are so many MCU stories to pull into this LEGO game! As the player you get to reenact fights between Cap and the Red Skull, The Avengers and Loki, Hulkbuster and Hulk, the Avengers and Ultrons and many many more!

In classic LEGO fashion the events in the game are shot, and often are done shot for shot! The classic villain fights are no different, and they're incredibly fun to control and battle even though you know how the story will finish!

2. Classic LEGO Humor

If you've played a LEGO game before, or watched any of the LEGO TV movies you understand the unique LEGO humor! In this screenshot you see the Avengers joining together for schwarma after saving New York from Loki, however in this fun spoof Hulk hasn't reverted to Banner and he's hogging all the food. He growls at Thor when he reaches for the pizza, but gives Widow a cupcake teasing the two's future romance.

This game is filled with hilarious LEGO themed jokes that you don't expect. There is humor for both children and adults that range from fart jokes to Banner blushing as he and Widow stand up from their fall behind the bar in Age of Ultron. It makes it a fun and unique twist on the Marvel stories you already know!

3. The Actors Lend Themselves For Voice Work

One of the things that surprised me most was that when these LEGO characters speak they do so with the voices of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and many more! Most of these voice clips are the lines from films pasted onto the same LEGO scenes, but even knowing that it's so much more fun to have the iconic actor voicing their LEGO counterpart!

Even with most of the dialog being re-used, there are several actors that lent themselves for exclusive voice work for the game! Hayley Atwell returns as Peggy Carter as well as Cobie Smulders and Clark Gregg as Maria HIll and Phil Coulson to help narrate the game! It tremendously adds to the feel of the all the characters to have their "real" voices!

4. Get to Know Lesser Known Marvel Characters

Even though the majority of game is dedicated to well known characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and Thor there are hundreds of characters available to unlock and play! Players like Doctor Strange, Crossbones, Thanos and Black Panther will soon be gaining large amounts of screen time in the MCU. Other characters like Skaar, Tigra, Wiccaan, Hulkling and She-Hulk most average viewers wouldn't recognize. This is a great platform to get to know knew favorite characters, and ones that could pop up into the MCU at any time!

5. Countless Stan Lee Cameos

It's exciting to play this game and, just like watching any Marvel film, it's fun to spot the fun Stan Lee cameos in each chapter! Usually you're searching for Stan to help free him from whatever peril he's gotten himself into, and part of getting to 100% in each level is rescuing him. He also appears throughout the game making jokes, and harassing our characters to make the player laugh out loud! Thankfully Stan Lee lent his voice to the role because no one else could play Stan Lee!

6. Special Downloadable Content for PS4

Just like most games nowadays there is exclusive content available for a singular platform! This time LEGO has joined with Playstation to create some very fun extra content for LEGO Avengers!

Although it's only announced and not yet released the downloadable content will be more stories and new characters including chapters from the films Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War as well as the television show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Many of the new characters have yet to be announced!

7. It Possibly Teases the Future of the MCU

One of the things that this game's predecessor did was tease the important characters that were upcoming in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy were introduced as players in that 2013 game to fans who, at the time, were unaware of who these characters were! Guardians of the Galaxy had been announced, but wouldn't be released for almost another year. Marvel was trying to get fans familiar with these characters before their big screen debut! It's likely that some of these minor characters are being slowly introduced to us before their MCU counterparts so new fans will already recognize them just as before!

Characters like the Young Avengers, the shape shifting alien Hulkling, and Speed and Wiccaan, the twins of Scarlet Witch and Vision. These characters played pivotal roles in Marvel comics like Civil War. It would be amazing to see them come to the big screen one day! Others like Falcon have already been introduced, but in the downloadable content you can get a new outfit for him where he becomes the new Captain America just as he did in the comics. Could Marvel be subtly trying to get us used to the idea of Falcon picking up the iconic shield before it happens on the big screen?

Well I hope I've convinced you to go out and play the latest in the long line of LEGO games! If you're a full on Marvel fan you'll fall in love with it as I did, and if you're a casual fan you'll still have a great time guaranteed!

Now check out the awesome trailer for the game! I never did mention how amazing the graphics are, but the animation is another amazing reason to play this game!


Which Marvel film would you most want to play as LEGO pieces?


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