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We all know that some of the best moments from movies sadly end up on the cutting room floor. But sometimes, these deleted scenes are included as bonus features, and occasionally, they are revisited in a later installment of the same franchise. Now, it was mentioned several months ago that numerous scrapped ideas from Star Wars: The Force Awakens had become common knowledge. One of these ideas was a very interesting concept, one which I hope Episode 8 or at least Episode 9 delves into. This plot point went something like this: in response to The First Order's new Starkiller Base, the Resistance had begun construction of their own superweapon, codenamed: The Sledgehammer.

Likely built to counter this thing...
Likely built to counter this thing...

Details on what exactly the Sledgehammer is remain pretty sketchy, but how it was intended to be used seem to be pretty clear. My theory is that we will see "The Sledgehammer", whatever it is, in Episode 8, likely as a response to Starkiller Base II. However, the First Order discover the existence and whereabouts of the Sledgehammer, and promptly send a team, (possibly under the command of Captain Phasma) to sabotage it without the Resistance discovering until it's too late. The Resistance leaders panic, and send Poe and Finn to launch a last-ditch assault against Starkiller Base II. Then, just when all hope seems lost, Luke, Rey, and whatever new Jedi they have trained, appear to save the day, after having soundly thrashed Kylo and his Knights of Ren.

Destruction of SB1
Destruction of SB1

So, what do you guys think? Will we see The Sledgehammer in Episode 8?


Will we see The Sledgehammer in Episode 8?


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