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I am a many of many faces, that are hid behind A mask. A bunch of mixed emotions that nobody understands.

( I can be a different person that people see all the time ) He is a man that has all power ( powers ) that can change into anything at anytime, to survive. But His greatest power is love. Because He does not know how properly, he is incapable of loving anything with his own strength. He has to tap into his inner being: that controls the universe. He believes that he is the Smallest Giant.

( He knows that even the smallest man can cast the biggest shadow ) though he is part of everything and everyone, his secret is that he is afraid of himself. And what he can do. ( He has never seen that side of him but feels that it is his Destiny too find out ) Love meets destiny...

No one knows that he is the Chameleon. Because He never changes outwardly, but he creates different characters from his personality to battle certain things. ( but he must discover his self )

He is a man hidden in society and carries an alter ego, who is his enemy. And he is known as Trouble . The evil twin of the Chameleon. ( He cannot Love ) He is selfish

He does not understand it. Though He wants to become one with the Chameleon, but he hasn't found balance.

The CHAMELEON comes from a man greatly broken, known as a Shadowed man... Mysterious

He hid in the darkness until He found the light. He was so afraid that no one would love him the way he loved them.


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