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...e talked about it. I would love to see some crossover between the movies and tv shows - however, it is very technically difficult. I think for the most part, it would be easier to have a cameo from the movie characters in a tv show, as opposed to the other way around. The characters have been clearly defined in the television universe and we have even had easter eggs within Flash (newspaper from the future hints at Wayne Enterprises, Barry trains at Ferris Air Runway and Jay Garrick talks about his best friend been from Atlantis) and Arrow (A pilot with the name of Jordon, written on his jacket walks passed Oliver in Coast City). The Flash would always be the easiest character to crossover, as he can run the multiverse. I think movie Superman could cameo on Supergirl very easily, as so far we have only seen his outline (and the actor for the role had a very similar look to Cavill's Superman) and they could even mention her in passing on the movie - as the tv show has clearly stated that when she arrived on Earth, her cousin was grown up - even using her down the track. I am really liking what DC are doing at the moment however, we are pretty spoilt for choice at the moment.

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