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The recent speculation around whether the Mighty Batman, portrayed by Ben Affleck, will kill or not is playing on my mind. The Frank Millar Batman from which it draws inspiration, only killed once as far as I can tell, and that was an assisted suicide.

The tail end of " The Dark Knight Returns" series, has the Batman, mercilessly beating Joker, until apparent death. Then the clown prince begins taunting him, saying he has won, as Bruce lost control. He then proceeds to finish the job by agitating the fracture in his spine.

At all other points in the story, the use of rubber bullets, the " once he has recovered..." And the explanation of the ever present narration from Batmans mind, tell a story of a man who has still not crosses that line. Even when (Spoiler) he has the chance to kill Superman, he let's him live.

Why would we think that the film will be any different?

My guess is that for cinematic effect, the have used the word Executioner metaphorically, and it is being used to describe the rough treatment that the criminals are not used to.

What do you think?


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