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A year ago, Jessica Jones was a name you may have come across in certain, X-rated corners of the internet, but probably never in real life. Marvel's retired superhero had seemed like an odd choice for her own show. Outside of comic circles, not a lot of people knew who Jessica was.

But Netflix almost never gets it wrong, and with Jessica Jones they got it very, very right. The most surprising thing about the show was how little the character's superhero origins really mattered to the story being told. The odd passing reference to the Hulk or the Avengers making waves in NYC felt strangely unnecessary in the dirty, gritty, complete world of Hell's Kitchen.

Long story short, it was the best thing Marvel TV has put out yet (even if I am very partial to a bit of the lovely Agent Carter) — so the pressure is on for Season 2 to deliver. Let's take a look at what we know about the second chapter and what we can expect it to deliver for Jessica, Trish and co.

1. Alias Investigations in full swing

When we meet Jessica at the beginning of Season 1, she's got her hands full with irritating clients, but after throwing herself into protecting Hope, her private investigation business falls to the wayside. It's only in the closing scene of the finale that she and Malcolm decide to resurrect it.

Speaking to Collider, Ritter talks Jessica's headspace in Season 2:

"For Jessica, that final victorious, triumphant moment when she kills Kilgrave, I found that very conflicting ... He’s the reason why she got up, every day. He’s the reason why she went out in the world. It really gave her a purpose."

So what's driving her now that Kilgrave is out of the equation? There's a fresh plate of glass in her door adorned with "Alias Investigations," and a drug-free Malcolm seems destined to become her assistant.

But Jessica is still a hard-drinking, reluctant detective with a bad attitude, and a certain familiar face could be the villainous force that has her getting out of bed in a morning (or afternoon)...

2. Inhuman Growth Hormone

Will Simpson's liaison with the mysterious Dr. Kozlov turned him into a pill-popping headcase with serious rage issues — not to mention a cop killer — so it would seem his transformation into Nuke, the super-soldier experimented on by Weapon Plus, is in full swing.

In the Marvel comics, Nuke is quite literally a killing machine. Unlike Kilgrave, he's not driven by emotion, but by the need to see the mission through. He's a product of the Mutant Growth Hormone.

The MCU's variation on Mutants is the Inhumans whose story is playing out on Agents of SHIELD, and it seems overwhelmingly likely that the mysterious IGH — the same initials stamped on Jessica's medical reports after the car crash that killed her parents and brother — is the Inhuman Growth Hormone.

So, once again, this is personal for Jessica. Whoever made her into a freak of nature has done the same to Will Simpson, and by going after him she'll find a puppetmaster, somebody pulling the strings, possibly Kozlov. That's what will get her out of bed in a morning.

3. Trish becoming Hellcat

We've seen Trish flirt with the idea of becoming a hero, in the end settling for some badass self-defense training and a brief trip on Simpson's mysterious red pill. Here's Rachel Taylor talking about the possibility of a Hellcat introduction in Season 2:

"Trish has an alias. They [all] present one thing to the world, and then there’s another thing underneath ... Part of her alias, even in the first season, is that she’s quite covetous of some of the gifts that Jessica Jones has ... There’s a part of her that would love to save the world. I don’t know how that will play out in a narrative form [in season 2], but it could be cool."

She's not wrong — seeing Trish move closer to her Hellcat alias would be cool. But seeing as Jessica Jones is basically an anti-superhero series, Hellcat might be a better fit for The Defenders. Probably best not to hold your breath.

4. Jeri Hogarth will be "humbled"

Although her character was switched from male to female from the comics, Jeri Hogarth retained a lot of typically male characteristics in Jessica Jones, another example of the show's disregard for gender stereotyping: Hogarth was cold, ruthlessly ambitious, and sleeping with her secretary.

Here's Moss talking to Collider about how her experiences at the hands of Kilgrave in the brilliant episode "1,000 Cuts" may have changed Jeri:

"I think she was completely humbled and completely stripped away of every single thing that defined her as a human being, and she was left raw and completely vulnerable. And yet, she was able to redeem herself in a small way. Who knows where it will go?"

As a favorite of mine who sometimes felt a touch underutilized, I'd love to see Jeri more involved in the thrust of the action in Season 2.

5. The devil's in the dates

The timeline of Netflix and Marvel's TV series is currently a little confusing. DaredevilSeason 2 is ready to go. Luke Cage Season 1 is almost done shooting, and airs in November. Iron Fist Season 1 will shoot in April, and Melissa Rosenberg has said that the whole gang is committed to shooting The Defenders, presumably this year.

All of which may mean no new Jessica Jones until mid-2017, but let's hope something happens to speed that process up. At the very least, expect an appearance or two from JJ herself in Luke Cage.

We'll keep you posted on everything Hell's Kitchen in the meantime. The amazing header art was created by David M. Buisan, whose work can be found on Instagram.


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