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Here is the tutorial for making fake intestines from my Facebook page Secret Home Lab of Mr. Lanz. Check it out to find more tutorials, horror make-up and decorations.

You may be thinking that fake intestines is a thing that you will never need in your life. But there may be some moments when the only thing that will make you happy and solve all your problems is fake, artificial guts. You may want to make a gory movie, you may want to scare your friends or you want to put some original stylish decoration in your living room. So here is my own recipe how to do it. It will not cost you more than five bucks and two hours of your time.

We will need: 1. gray waterproof marker (or acrylic paint) 2. pillow stuffing, respectively pieces of foam or other material for padding 3. needle + thread 4. pantyhoses - children size (any light color) - the number of packages depends on required length of intestine 5. scissors 6. liquid flesh colored latex 7. foam sponges 8. hairdryer — v Secret Home Lab of Mr. Lanz.

1. Cut the pantyhose in the crotch

2. Sew it in half (approximately)

3. Cut the smaller part off

4. Flip the sewn pantyhose inside out so that the seam is inside. Then fill it with stuffing.

5. Make several filled pantyhose pieces this way (it depends on how long you want the intestine to be). Sew all of them together. Then create folds of intestine - there is no need for a special procedure, just sew randomly from one end to the other (Depending on how the stitches are tighten, various folds are created)

6. Stipple on the liquid latex along the entire length of intestine. Apply to all the folds. To speed up the drying time, you can use a hair dryer.

7. After complete drying, paint the folds with gray permanent marker or acrylic paint. The intestine will look more realistic.

8. Then pour over the intestine the fake(!) blood.

9. If you want the complete entrails, add pieces of fabric, gum, gelatin, etc.

I used this fake intestines to a scene of amateur surgery on stage.


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