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It is a beautiful, gory, survival film, with grinding and thrilling scenes. The movie is an instant classic on my book, and by far Leonardo Dicaprio's best performance. Tom Hardy was also phenominal in the movie. It deserves every bit of prayse and attention that its getting.

The scenes are stunningly beautiful, with every sound of arrows and bullets being shot makes you feel like if you were watching a live performance, i was at the edge of my seat every time especially with what i think is the most memorable part of the movie.

The fight of man vs. beast

The bear scene was like watching an actual bear attack on late night news. That scene had me more terrified than watching a horror movie, because this can actually happen to anyone hiking on a mountain. This was one heck of a fight with grueling graphics, it was such a good fight that it has given Batman vs. Superman a run for its money.I have total confidence that Leonardo will win an Oscar this year. If not than at least the bear should win the award fro him.

The creator

We could all thank Alejandro González Iñárritu for deliviring us this work of art. I will be honest that i didn't know he made Birdman, which made me realised how much of an incredible artist he is. i became instant fan with his on both The revenant and Birdman. I really hope to see more movies done by him in the near future.

The cons

While offcourse the movie is outstanding, it wasn't perfect, there was a moment where the movie stood a little boring about after midway of it. Thats the only thing i could find wrong about this movie.

If you haven't seen it yet, I promise you will not be wasting your time, but then again we all have our taste in movies.


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