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Vanessa Hudgens received the tragic news of her father's death just 24 hours before she took to the stage as the beloved Betty Rizzo is Grease: Live, but her emotional performance of 'There Are Worse Things I Could Do' totally stole the show.

After hearing the upsetting news about the emotional strain that Hudgens was performing under, social media surrounding the show was full of messages of support for the former Disney star, and all were willing to give her a free pass for fumbling her lines.

But, despite the heartbreaking circumstances, 27-year-old Hudgens stole the show, especially when she belted out the emotional number below:

Naturally, other professionals, including those who were sharing the stage with Vanessa were also blown away by her courage and professionalism:

We're stunned by your bravery Vanessa, you slayed it!

(Source: Variety)


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