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One of the much-maligned features of Friends is just how a bunch of six layabouts with dubious employment histories managed to afford their swanky Manhattan lifestyles and now some of the financial mysteries are finally being unraveled.

In Joey's case, the crucial key to his survival was sponging off his wealthy friend Chandler, and it seems like Mr. Bing must have really valued his long-term room mate's friendship because it really cost him some serious $$$.

At various points, the show itself made reference to Chandler keeping Joey afloat, most notably in Season 8 episode 22, 'The One Where Rachel Is Late' which tells us how Chandler has been giving Joey pocket money and paid for everything from rent to acting lessons since he moved to New York.

Below is a breakdown from a selection of talented contributors to Reddit's legendary ' r/theydidthemath' (as asked by lincoln9659) that reveals how much the cost of friendship can really be.

That Manhattan Rent

It might have been a pretty craggy bachelor pad, but the rent for Chandler and Joey's Manhattan pad would be anything but cheap. Redditor's looked at the size and location of the apartment and estimated it would cost around $3,500 a month.

If we split that princely total two ways between Chandler and Joey for three years, as stated in the previously aforementioned episode, the total is: $63,000.

We also know that utilities were not included and would probably have cost around $1,000 per year, so that's an extra $1,500 on Joey's debt pile.

The apartment also had cable and a phone line which, looking back to 1997 prices, would have been around $70 a month, making Joey's contribution for his time in the apartment around $1,260.

Rent and Utilities - $65,760

Food and Drinks

Even the mot casual Friends fan knows that Joey loves food more than most things and the cost of feeding this glutton is colossal.

According to the calculations of ASmileThatKills, the total is something like "$100 a week on groceries + $115 a week on pizza/takeout/coffee + $75 a week for Joey's dates, every week for 3 years."

All of this wining and dining comes to a totally non bite-sized $45,240. Ouch.

Food, Drinks and Dates - $45,240

And then of course, there are plenty of one time events that would have ended up costing Chandler buckets of his not-so-hard-earned cash such as...

That Time Joey Got All the Furniture Stolen

In Season 4, Joey gets locked in a cupboard and is responsible for all of the furniture getting robbed. With items such as a laptop (a pretty expensive item back then) and two Lay z boy chairs being stolen, replacing all of this stuff would cost an estimated $5,500.

Acting Expenses

We know Joey had at least two sets of acting headshots snapped to try and further his career, which Joey himself said set him back $500 each, adding another $1,000 to his debts.

Then there are also those acting classes to contend with. ASmileThatKills estimates they would have cost around $3,000 throughout the three years based on the regularity which Joey seems to attend.

Acting - $4000

Mystery Money

In Season 6, episode 18, Chandler mentions that Joey owes him $3,400, who knows what for, but it's going in the running total!

Although this is by no means a definitive list, the rough total comes to a staggering $123,900.

And that, my friends, is the true price of being Friends with someone as awesome as Joey.

(Source: Dailydot via Reddit)


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