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Becoming a Disney icon is no mean feat and these newest behind the scenes snaps show us that even Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is finding the whole process a little daunting!

The 43-year-old star shared an Instagram post of himself looking pretty tense learning his lines on the Moana set and revealed his is getting ready to release his mighty vocals into the world. In The Rock's own words:

Cardio and singing rehearsals.. Big day today of performing my song with Broadway king Lin Manuel Miranda today in the studio for our Disney's animated musical . Lin's writing our film's music and if you know his talents (star and creator of HAMILTON) you know how epically dope of an artist he is. Today I will sing, I will rap and do it all in keys that don't exist - yet somehow make it all sound wonderful to the world's ear. The honey coated gravel voice has entered the damn building.. .

Despite The Rock's obvious initial nerves and his appeal to others in the studio to shove cotton in their ears, he clearly eased into the music throughout the day with a little help from his friends. The group snap below was captioned:

Bald brown tattooed guy, the Broadway King, Lin Manuel Miranda and Sam the Man on piano gettin' our musical tone and tempo down before recording. .

By the end of the day, The Rock was belting out his tunes oozing confidence from every pore, and if that pointing finger is anything to go by, this song is going to be an absolute banger. Johnson captioned the picture below:

"Sing for the moment.. (or somethin' like that;)

"What's the lesson, what's the take away.. don't mess with Maui when he's on a breakaway.." "

If you need reminding about the upcoming movie, check out the sneak peek clip below:

Walt Disney's 56th animated movie, Moana, will arrive in theaters on November 23.


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