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Varia Fedko-Blake

Since Miley Cyrus broke out of her Hannah Montana phase and started aggravating the status quo with her twerking, long locks of armpit hair, and a very public penchant for smoking weed, she's been plagued by ridiculous pregnancy rumors.

At the height of her slut-shaming, Miley's 'promiscuous' behavior was deemed unacceptable with crazy suggestions that a woman acting in such a way was definitely on her way to getting knocked up. As I'm sure you guys remember, this was all sparked off a few years ago by her raunchy MTV Music Awards 2013 performance:

Just last week though, similar rumors began to surface. Maybe it was due to all that speculation that Miley was getting back together with ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth, or perhaps it was that bizarre but brilliant Instagram with a baby doll, but suddenly everyone was getting their chat on about another potential pregnancy.

And never one to miss a hilarious opportunity to not give a f*ck about what anyone is saying about her, Miley responded by giving those gossip vultures exactly what they wanted — a seemingly incriminating pic of her smoking a huge joint with her big 'pregnant' belly out.

So, having inspected every detail of the above image, do you think this could be definitive proof that cray cray Miley is en-route to becoming a proud mama?

Honestly, my guess is that everyone just needs to take a page out of her book and chill out — all this photo screams to me is that she's having a real jolly time smoking up and prancing around her home in her pjs. Oh, and that maybe that her kitchen needs a bit of a clean.


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