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Wut up guys? After all Iron Mans, Batmans and movies like this is here a new kind. Movie that can change the way many MARVEL and DC movies go. Yes you can say Suicide Squad is like this, but it is not. Suicide Squad still has got some parts like serious movies, but Deadpool doesn't care.

Few things about Deadpool


Wade Wilson


Mercenary and something that look like being superhero (but you have to get over madness, a lot of pancakes, more madness and a lot of dead bodies.

Life before Deadpool:

His mother was killed by cancer and dad was killed by a drunken friend. Wade was a mercenary working for many big bosses. Then he fucked up some missions. He met Mellisa Carlyle. But he left her because of cancer.(he didn't wanted to let her live with dead man) And short time after he joined Programme X. Yep, Wolverine was there, too.

After Programme X:

He has got same healing powers. (once he lost his heart. but another one grew up) so he has got same power ups like Wolverine. He joined team of something like superheroes. After short time Melissa joined them too. But he killed one of members on a mission. And they send him to some kind of asylum. Sadistic leaders of that asylum were doing "tests of death"(they bet how long will some subject live. They called it deadpool). There he met some some kind of a cosmic reincarnation of death. He passed a lot of tests, but one time he killed one subject to make his suffering shorter. He was supposed tom die. Btw. assistant of leader was Ajax - mad supervillain. He escaped and became superhero.But his mind was kinda strange. His sense of humer was abnormal. And he was mad. And he was talking so much. So nobody wanted to work with him. Sometimes he works for evil sometimes for good. He fought against Wolverine many times. And he is awesome.

"Thumbs up!"
"Thumbs up!"

And maybe you think this: "Oh wait. Guardians of Galaxy was crazy and cool like this." Yes they are badasses, but they aren't mad and bad like Deadpool. Cause he is aspeaking, mad, humoristic psychopath doing big mess everytime he appears.

5 Reasons that deadpool will be awesome

#1 He is little bit like Spider Man. He talk so much as Spider Man does.

#2 He is maybe only character that knows he is in comics. So he talk to you straightly.

#3 Ryan Reynolds is huge fan of Deadpool. So he don' want to fuck it up. (yes first version of Deadpool in X-Men: Wolverine Origins was terrible, but Ryan learned it and make it better this time.)

#4 Ryan Reynolds and team of creators worked on it for a long time so they had a long time to think about it and make it awesome.

#5 He isn't like other heroes. Most of superheroes made by MARVEL doesn't kill (except Punisher and Ghost Rider). Deadpool doesn't care. When he wants to kill somebody he will.

#6 His sense of humor.

Now you know who is it. And reasons to go to see it. If you really need something more i doesn't care.


And what do you think about Deadpool movie?


And what do you think about my post?



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