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Over the weekend, The Rock had a very strong message for his fans -- don't drink and drive. And once again he was speaking from tragic experience.

Back in August 2014, his mother and cousin survived a terrifying car crash -- a head-on collision caused by a reckless drunk driver. The family's car was severely damaged but luckily, the two ladies escaped with their lives. Reeling from the shocking incident, the muscle-man posted the following, counting his blessings and issuing a hefty warning to those who drink and drive:

My mom and cousin (Lina Fanene) were struck head on by a drunk driver this week - they survived. My first reaction was...

Posted by Dwayne The Rock Johnson on Sunday, 10 August 2014

Over two years on and it seems that another tragedy has struck -- this time affecting The Rock's producing partner Beau Flynn and his wife Marley. Over the weekend, the couple lost a beloved family member to another drunk driver that collided with their traveling car. The Rock posted the following image onto his Instagram:

He captioned the post:

"In life we don't know why sudden and tragic loss of a loved one has to happen. It's painful and devastating to our families. My producing partner Beau Flynn and his wife Marley just lost a family member this weekend to a head on collision caused by a drunk driver. The young man we lost was 18 YEAR OLD Sam Shelton, who was also the ring bearer at Beau and Marley's wedding when he was just four years old."

The actor then recalled his own experience two years previously:

"This one hits home for me, because my mom and cousin were hit head on by a drunk driver a few years ago and luckily - miraculously - they survived."

Finally, he once again stressed the importance of loving and keeping your friends and family close. He imparted the following advice:

"Be as grateful as we can as men and fathers and know that every moment is precious, because as we all know.. life can be taken away in an instant. Hug your loved ones that much harder today and let's all be as grateful and present as we can, because we never know what tomorrow may bring. I appreciate you guys. All of you. Today (and every day) we celebrate life..."

According to statistics, 28 people die every day in America due to drink driving. Don't be one of them -- don't drink and drive.

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