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Think back to 2009. Barack Obama was sworn into office, Michael Jackson's death shocked everyone, and Avatar competed with the swine flu for the most influence over the global populace.

But something that flew mostly under the radar (at least for me) was Jennifer Lawrence's music video debut. Sadly, she's not singing in it, but she does feature prominently in Parachutes's 'The Mess I Made' video as the long-lost girlfriend of the lead singer.

This happened long before Jennifer became a household name

Before she got her first Oscar nomination for Winter's Bone and became a huge star with The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence was just an unknown who was happy to get work and increase her presence.

Parachutes lead singer Will Anderson opened up about what the experience was like, and he said that from the beginning he could tell JLaw was going places.

I’m really lucky to call Jenn one of my good friends. Meeting on a video shoot is always a funny thing, since you don’t really know each other and suddenly you’re hanging out and talking face to face on a bed.
She was amazing though. We could tell when we met her that she was going places. Here was this amazingly talented actress, and just an incredible person who also happened to be gorgeous. How could we not ask her to be in the video? Seeing her get nominated for the Oscar was amazing. No one deserves it more than her and it’s awesome to see her getting casted in such rad roles!

Some people are just destined for greatness, I guess!

(H/T: Hunger Games Net)


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