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As consolation to probably hearing the "How's the weather up/down there?" joke far too often, there's now one added benefit to being extremely tall or short: you can audition to be in Ridley Scott's upcoming movie, Alien: Covenant.

According to a casting call sent out by MCTV management group, Alien: Covenant is looking for people in Sydney, Australia, ages 8-40 who are either very tall and thin or short and strong.

Physical Attributes: Skinny and very tall or skinny and very short but strong and very physically agile.

Not only should you be very tall or very short, but they also stated that a background in acting, dance, or acrobatics, is preferable.

Other Skills: Fast in Movement. Acrobats, Dancers, Gymnasts, Contortionists, Cirque du Soleil type performers.

While I sadly don't fit any of the qualifications listed above, if you do I'd say it's worth the shot of getting to potentially play a Xenomorph and work alongside the likes of Michael Fassbender and Katherine Waterston. Talk about a job opportunity that's out of this world!

If you're a Sydney resident with an acting background and are considered either very tall or very short, visit MCTV's listing to learn more about the role and to get in touch with their casting agents.

Alien: Covenant will be released on October 6, 2017.

(Source: MCTV)


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