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(Warning - the following contains theoretical cameo-related SPOILERS for future episodes of DC and the CW's Legends of Tomorrow. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise...)

Now, DC and the CW's Legends of Tomorrow may only just be taking its first steps into the television world, but that hasn't stopped speculation about just who we could eventually see in the show from gathering at a Flash-like pace. After all, the titular Legends' ship/base, the Waverider, has long since proven full of Easter eggs, hints and teases - some of which might just suggest future DC comic-book inspired cameos.

The latest of those to hit the interweb?

DC Just Officially Confirmed a Huge Easter Egg

Specifically, that one - which if you look at in the right light, reveals the fan-favorite superhero Hourman.

Now, the original Hourman was a 'miracle vitamin'-inspired superhero named Rex Tyler who gained special powers for an hour at a time, using the special drug Miraclo. Back in the Golden Age, he was a member of the Justice Society, and fought crime (presumably as briskly as possible) alongside a whole lot of iconic heroes.

The thing is, though...

That Image Doesn't Tease THAT Hourman

Instead, it appears to tease a later incarnation of Hourman, Matthew Tyler - a bio-mechanical android from the 853rd century who was (sort of) descended from the original hero.

As it happens, though, that particular version of the hero would actually make a whole lot more sense as a Legends of Tomorrow cameo-ee. After all, Matthew famously possessed a time-travel device of his own, the Worlogog, and spent much of his superheroic career adventuring his way through time.

Will We See Hourman in 'Legends of Tomorrow', Then?

Well, perhaps - and the official confirmation of the Easter egg sure does seem to suggest that it's a possibility - but in the absence of any conclusive proof, we'll likely have to chalk this one up as a 'maybe' for now.

That being said, it sure would be neat...

What do you reckon, though?



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