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With the announcements of all the next 5 new Star Wars movies including the much longed for final 2 episodes in the Star Wars universe.

Even though it's called Star Wars with Ep whatever and a title to go with it.

We all know that it should read Star Wars : The Skywalker Chronicles or something to that matter.

The original trilogy starting with Episode #4 A New Hope follows the life of LUKE Skywalker.

The second trilogy being the pre-quels starting with Episode #1 Phantom Menace follows the life of ANIKAN Skywalker.

So so it only makes sense the this third and final trilogy be about a Skywalker being Lukes offspring not his sisters. If it was his sisters offspring they are not a Skywalker but a SOLO. So it makes sense that Rey IS IN FACT Lukes daughter. I mean we find out early on in Ep 7 about a lot of people and their relations really quick. Which I thought they should have waited til ep8 to reveal that the new dark side villain is in fact a Solo originally.

They waited til ep5 the second movie to let us know who Darth Vader was and his relation.

Maybe be this trilogy is about the SOLO Family still basically being a part of the Skywalker clan cuz of the princess as their mother. So maybe Rey is a twin Solo an her brother is the new dark villain.

I mean we had twins and a guy in the very first trilogy. This can be the same fact for this trilogy too. The twins in this one again being Ben Solo and Rey (Solo??)

Anyways looking forward to the spin offs although they shouldn't have done Rogue 1 as the first movie. It should have been a YODA experience cuz he's the oldest outta all of them.

Another thing missing in the new and prequel movies was the fun part of Ben back to life glowing as a spirit and guiding young Luke. We never saw that in the prequels or this ep(7) either and little things like that is what made the original movies great.

There was rumoured to be a Yoda and even a Chewy spin off movie as well. Maybe after 2020 we'll see what happens an well received the spins off are.


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