ByAnnie Kawira, writer at

Nothing too long, I'll just explain it in one or two sentences.

1. Tangled songs are just amazing and match up the current scenes. Some of Frozen songs like "fixer upper" left question marks all over my face

2. Tangled had a perfect movie plot. Eugene's charachter development really sparkled the film.Frozen's plot is really unexplainable, from good guy being bad, good girl considered villain, it's all annoying.

3. Ok, I know Frozen was good because of sisterly love and sacrifice, but Tangled taught me more than just sacrifice, it outlined what true love can really bring out, through Eugene's change of heart.

4. I absolutely loved Tangled sidekicks. No verbal communication but their actions are just priceless. I found Olaf rather annoying and Sven so boring.

5. Despite Elsa loving Anna, she did not have to freeze her heart, and more worse, she chases her out!! THAT'S RETARDED!! I mean, Flynn fully intended to scare Rapunzel at the snuggly duckling but he grabbed her and made sure Rapunzel's dream came true (Even if he did not love her at first)


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