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Ryan Anthony Evans

Luke skywalker is a powerful Jedi master as seen in the star wars movies but is there a darker side to are light side hero ? In the episodes 4-6 he is in constant conflict with his emotions ( mostly anger ) even when Obi-Wan Kenobi is training him you can see Luke's frustration. However When ( spoiler) obi-wan is apparnetly struk down by Darth Vader on the death star Luke focuses all his anger on the storm troopers by just standing exposed to danger and fireing his blaster franticly, its only when he hears obi-wans voice telling him to run he leaves. Skipping to episode 5 (the empire strikes back) when he is under training of master Yoda he yrys asking about the dark side and Yoda dosent respond with a proper answer and moves on with the training. When Luke has a feeling that something isn't right and goes into the woods were yoda says its string with the force Luke confronts himself as Vader and once again fights in ager and fear striking Vader's head off exposing his own face and dosnt really get any sort of strait answer from Yoda when asking questions of what it all ment . he then heads away from the dagabar system when he has a vision of his friends in trouble even with the warning from Yoda and obi-wans force ghost that the dark side will be to tempting and that he wasn't ready to face Vader. Moving on to the saber fight with luke and darth Vader , Vader mAkes Luke who is still a novice with a light saber fight with fear rather than instink which makes Luke loose his hand by Vader, and when Vader tells Luke ( spoiler) that he is his father Luke Denise it then when searching his feeling knows it to be true subcoming to his feelings. Skipping to episode 6 (return of the Jedi) Luke has been training himself basicly the last few years and when he is jabbas palace he use force choke on the gaurds which is only seen to be used by the dark side ( anakin Skywalker/darth Vader) so while he was training it would seem he studied both the light side and the dark side he also says to jabba that he will destroy jabba and not to underestimate his power even tho jabba was unarmed (which anakin Skywalker said basicly the same thing to obi-wan Kenobi when he was under the influence of the dark side) .at the end of reurn of the Jedi Luke is confronted by both Darth Vader and the emperor and uses his anger to fight them but as the emperor pointed out if Luke sruck the emperor down his training to the dark side would be completed , so even if he defeated Vader like the Jedi wanted him too he would have the influence of the dark lord to deal with and would be the emperors apprentice as if he killed the emperor the dark side would flow thru him so it didn't matter what he did it was almost inevitable that he was to be a dark lord , it was only because Darth Vader killed his master that Luke didn't have to kill any of them . what do you think ? Please leave a comment


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