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Friday the 13th: The Game is looking more and more like the nightmarish survival simulator fans of the series have been craving. Potential fears that the game won't match the severe brutality seen in the movies can now be put to rest, after the developers laid out their sadistic intentions for the project during a recent panel at the video game convention PAX South.

Ronnie Hobbs, co-creator and designer of the game, suggested that their horrific vision might even be too hot for censors:

“There’s a lot of brutal kills. If we get away with half of this stuff it’ll be a miracle.”

After reading descriptions of Jason's merciless murder methods, you might be understand his trepidation:

  • Jason rips off your leg and walks away with it.
  • Jason slits your throat and drowns you in a toilet.
  • Jason folds you in half in a beach chair.
  • Jason crushes your head in a TBA metal object.
  • Jason curbstomps your spine.
  • Jason rips the top of your skull off.
  • Jason smashes you against a tree in your sleeping bag

You can check out horror legend Kane Hodder donning a mocap suit in order to replicate these brutal killing moves below:

Hodder, who has played the hockey-masked killer in four Friday the 13th films, got so into the role that he ended up injuring himself on set:

Also revealed at the panel was Jason Voorhees's final in-game design, which is appropriately terrifying:

The game is an a-symmetrical multiplayer-only (at least for now) experience in which one player, as Jason, attempts to hunt down the other seven, all desperate camp counsellors. “You finally get to say ‘what would you do’ in a horror movie,” said Hobbs.

Friday the 13th: The Game is due for release on Steam, Xbox One, or PS4 in October 2016.

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