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Ever since [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) was released, people have been speculating wildly about the origins of the saga's new hero: Rey. Abandoned on Jakku at 5 years old, Rey is determined to stay on the poverty stricken planet just in case her family returns. Her story is triumphant for many reasons, but there's a personal victory as she is able to overcome the tragedy of her past.

As Star Wars 7 ends with Rey reaching out to Luke Skywalker, many fans were left wondering whether she had some connection to one of the saga's families. The most popular theory is that Rey is Luke's daughter, hidden away to protect her from Kylo Ren. Others have theorised that she's actually a Kenobi, or even the daughter of Rogue One's protagonist. And it looks like one of these theories might be correct...

* spoilers ahead! *


The Force Awakens is littered with little Easter Eggs and clever cameos. One of these is the inclusion of Obi Wan Kenobi: his voice was heard during Rey's vision, which has lead to some to wonder why...

Ewan McGregor Explains His Cameo

McGregor, who played Obi Wan in the Star Wars prequels, collaborated with JJ Abrams to bring the character to life again. He explained the process on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

"The line is, 'Rey, these are your first steps.' But they got Alec Guinness to do 'Rey,' which is extraordinary because he's not alive anymore!" he explained. "They got a line of him as Obi-Wan Kenobi saying 'Afraid' and cut it so he says 'Rey,' then I say 'these are your first steps.'"

Rey's vision, which is prompted by her discovery of the Skywalker saber, takes her through the halls of Bespin to see Kylo Ren's origins, as well as her own.

So the question is: why does Rey hear Obi Wan's voice and not, say, Luke Skywalker's? The lightsaber is Luke's after all, and it's him she's journeying to see. This could be proof that Rey is in fact related to Obi Wan Kenobi, but it's not the only clue we have to go on...

Could Rey Be A Kenobi?

One of the biggest hints in The Force Awakens is Rey's ability to use Jedi mind tricks. All of her other abilities make total sense, as they are learned. Rey invades Kylo Ren's mind after he invades hers, and her lightsaber skills are thanks to her childhood on Jakku...

"She'd learned to defend herself early. She had been in more fights than she could remember. More wins than losses, thankfully. She was good enough that the word had spread to stay clear of her and what she could do with her staff."

But the Jedi mind tricks are another matter. How did Rey know exactly how to phrase her commands so that the Stormtrooper would obey her?

This scene clearly mirrors Obi Wan's iconic "these are not the droids you are looking for" scene from A New Hope. Is it possible that Rey channeled her Kenobi heritage through the Force to learn this ability? Maybe. But this isn't the only clue we have...

Coincidences Or Clues?

What's important about Rey's accent is that it is spoken on the central planets (think Coruscant). This isn't an accent Rey would have picked up on Jakku, so it must have come from her parents. And if Obi Wan had a child, they would have been brought up to have the same accent.

Obi Wan in Attack Of The Clones
Obi Wan in Attack Of The Clones

Considering Rey's age - she's 19 in The Force Awakens - it's not possible for her to be Obi Wan's daughter. After all, Obi Wan died 11 years before she was born. But despite the Jedi Order's restrictions, it's actually possible that Obi Wan had a child. In the TV show The Clone Wars, the character of Satine was introduced as a love interest for Obi Wan.

"Had you said the word, I would have left the Jedi order."

Satine later died on the show, counting out the possibility that she is Rey's grandmother, but the romantic subplot did suggest that Obi Wan would later develop a relationship with someone after Revenge Of The Sith.

Satine dies in The Clone Wars
Satine dies in The Clone Wars

Although he was protecting Luke on Tattoine, there's a large time gap between the prequel trilogy and A New Hope, and it's entirely possible that Obi Wan had a family in that time.

Coming Full Circle

Narratively speaking, it would be really neat for Rey to be a Kenobi. The Star Wars saga has always had a Kenobi guiding a Skywalker, and it would be nice to see this dynamic reversed in Episode 8 and beyond. Rey being a Kenobi would also serve to redeem Obi Wan's mistakes in training Anakin, especially if she persuades Kylo Ren to reform.

Plus, the dramatic irony would be really cool if in Rey and Kylo Ren's battle, they were unknowingly repeating the battle of their grandparents in Revenge Of The Sith...

And of course, as The Force Awakens ends with Rey giving Luke the lightsaber, this would parallel how the saga began with Obi Wan giving Luke the saber in A New Hope.

Ultimately, Rey could be anyone: a Kenobi, a Skywalker, or someone totally new. Until Episode 8 is released we'll all be counting clues, but the idea of Rey Kenobi is definitely compelling.



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