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“This is going to be the worst video I’ve ever had to make,” Eric Tereshinski begins in his latest YouTube post. Until recently Tereshinski had been developing his crowdfunded micro-pet project Ant Simulator, a game that does exactly what its name suggests. Although, as he regrettably confesses in the video, Tereshinski abandoned the project after discovering that his business partners had spent almost all of the game's budget on alcohol and strippers.

Check out some early footage of 'Ant Simulator' below:

There are many potential pitfalls involved in crowdfunding — unrealistic cost projections, backer backlashes, failing to fulfill overambitious rewards — but I bet this wasn't one Tereshinski had anticipated, especially since these frivolous partiers were also his trusted friends of 11 years.

"I recently found out that my ex-business partners were secretly stealing company money. They had secretly spent the overwhelming majority of both our Kickstarter money and the Ant Simulator investment money on liquor, restaurants, bars and even strippers."

Tereshinski is in quite the legal bind after signing a partnership agreement. His ex-friends have threatened to sue should he try and release the game independently, despite having personally botched any chance of finishing it together. 'Dick move' doesn't even come close to describing it.

You can listen to Eric Tereshinski's own views on the matter below:

It's a truly wretched situation for both Tereshinski and the backers who thought they were funding Ant Simulator, not the red painting of towns.

“I’m very pissed off I lost money. I lost over a year in work. And I lost a game that I loved and I was proud of and I was really looking forward to releasing on Steam and PS4. It was supposed to be my first big step in really taking a shot at making video games as a career. But I have to start over now.”

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