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When it comes to musicals, few are more iconic than Grease, so you might say FOX took a huge gamble on reimagining the classic film as a live TV musical.

In case you missed it, here's Vanessa Hudgens as the spiky and outrageous, but (mostly) good-hearted Rizzo, singing "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee"...

Those early rumors about the musical getting a totes hipster makeover were clearly unfounded, as evidenced by the lack of Nikes lying around. Grease: Live was totally faithful to the film, and it was rewarded with 12 million viewers.

But how did the new cast compare with the originals?

Sandy vs. Sandy

Julianne Hough is drop dead gorgeous as Sandy, our lovable, naive (and possibly dead, according to a new theory) heroine... but did she do the job better than Olivia Newton-John?


Still lousy with virginity?

That's New Danny (Really!)

Check out Hough swooning over Aaron Tveit as Danny.

Excellent green screen action, but am I the only one ever so slightly weirded out by the fact that Tveit is an absolute dead ringer for Kenickie, and really doesn't look like Danny at all?

Kenickie vs. Kenickie

And just to confuse us, Carlos PenaVega, who was playing Kenickie, actually does look like Danny. Oh well — they did both do a pretty great job of stepping into some seriously iconic shoes (or quiffs).

And new Sonny...

The rest of the cast shaped up pretty well too, with Sonny being given a handsome upgrade courtesy of Andrew Call...

Frenchy's still got it

But most impressive was Carly Rae-Jepsen as candyfloss-headed bubblegum blower and big dreamer Frenchy. Check out her super-cute serenade of "Beauty School Dropout":

Doesn't it make you wanna call her, maybe? Still, at the age of 30 Jepsen probably shouldn't go back to high school.

So what did you think? Hopelessly devoted to FOX's live Grease, or was it a case of tears in your pillow?


The 2016 cast of Grease: born to hand jive?


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