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Hello fellow Rydell High Seniors! It's nice to see you all together again with your Pink Ladies and T-birds to enjoy another round of memory lane on FOX!

Yet, I have to know, How did you all enjoy the LIVE performance of Grease last night? I must say that I was excited throughout the whole performance; singing along and dancing in your chair was something that you just have to do when you're really in sync with the performance.

The cast truly did bring back the continued desire of why we love the GREASE production so much; everything was truly in motion and on top of that, it was practically live on television, literally. I give props to the entire cast for a job well done last night, they put their own hearts and souls into bringing this production to life once more on screen; the sound, the music, the costuming, the staging and choreography really was what attracted the millions of viewers to their television sets' to take part in viewing the action.

There were plenty of familiar faces on set that took part in the performance, such as:

  • Julianne Hough playing, the lovely new girl, Sandy
  • Aaron Tveit playing, the sly t-bird guy, Danny Zuko
  • Vanessa Hudgens playing,ever rebellious Pink Lady Leader, Rizzo
  • Carlos PenaVega playing, trademark hickie giving t-bird, Kenickie
  • Kether Donohue playing, the ever wonderful lady, Jan
  • Keke Palmer playing, the pen pal lover of the Pink Ladies, Marty
  • Carly Rae Jepsen playing, the beauty school dropout, Frenchy
  • Didi Conn (Original Frenchy of the movie GREASE), playing waitress vi
  • Mario Lopez, playing handsome looking news man, Vince Fontaine
  • Jordan Fisher playing, the musically talented T-bird, Doody
  • David Del Rio, playing hopeless romantic T-bird, Putzie
  • Joe Jonas, starring with his band, playing as Johnny Casino

If there was anyone I missed that you felt you saw and knew, feel free to let me know in the comments below; yet, there's also one small issue I would like to make clear on this post. We are entitled to our own different opinions, not everyone feels the same way towards each others own opinions; what I mean by this is how people are openly deciding on comparing this production to the actual, original 1978 movie, starring Oliva Newton (Sandy Olsson) and John Travolta (Danny Zuko).

Some people tend to say that this production was done better than the original versus' others whom claim that this live production was a disgrace; yet my question to you is, do you understand the difference between the two?

The original GREASE film was made in 1978 versus the LIVE production (that was not solely created based on the film) that was aired on January 31, 2015, meaning last night. The 37 year difference between the two explains itself otherwise. The original film did not have any LIVE singing going on whatsoever, at the time they PRE-RECORDED all the soundtracks and played them during the given scenes they were taping; the footage they used was limited since it's not like now where if they mess up a scene they can simply go over it again, the budget was limited. However, with what they had, they COULD go over a scene they may have messed up; They were not under the spotlight on live television, such as last night, where the actors vocals were put the test in terms of sound, quality and volume versus how well they could pull off staying in character while constantly on the move due to time.

Though, for some I can understand where you would find a thought to say that it's not truly a good embodiment of the original. At times, when we are drawn to a certain film, we question why we enjoy it so much yet we can't really explain why; we just like it. For some of my fellow Rydell High Seniors, when we first saw the film, we were drawn into how connected the cast themselves felt in the film, there was a special element and/or glow to the whole film, had both "Groove and Meaning", that's still there to this day. It's practically another year of high school so they threw away the usual "conventionality" of high school films and were themselves! The film had a sense of Fun loving, memorable and likable beat to it that just felt right at the time; in a funny way, the opening song "Grease is the word" kinda answers the question of why. The filming during the time felt right, it truly was "the time, the place, the motion", if you don't believe me, listen to the song:

Yet, the cast during the Grease Live production WAS familiar with each other so they were "what they feel" they showed this very well through their actions and vocals. Yet, its just like I've reiterated before, everyone is entitled to their own opinion towards the productions yet you cannot truly compare a finished film with a currently live streaming television production. However, I truly was impressed with the entire performance and cast, they brought out the energy of Grease and utilized it all the way to the end; even the original Frenchy (Didi Conn) can agree with me since she was jumping with excitement and joy when she took her bow!

If you haven't seen the original film or Live production, I guarantee that you're missing out on something that is currently "the word" once more and it's GREASE Live.


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