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On the trailer of episode 30 of Dragon Ball Super, it has been confirmed that Picollo will be training Gohan on the next episode. And we actually got to see scenes of them training while Goku, Vegeta and Krillen watch. Lack of training has left Gohan totally out of shape and form. And we see base form Gohan has a hard time keeping up with Picollo. Picollo uses his extended arm technique to hit Gohan I think the last time we saw Picollo doing that was against Frieza most probably.

Now, this is something that shall really make almost all the fans happy. We did get hints that Gohan will train with Picollo at the end of Resurrection F arc on episode 27. However, we were not sure if they will actually end up training or not.

But, this episode 30 trailer gave us a confirmation and we have something to rejoice about. Now, this was a really crucial addition and something even the manga readers didn’t know. Because, in the manga the tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7 has already started and we didn’t get any information that confirmed that Picollo trained Gohan or something like that. I think if the manga wants to follow the exact story as the anime then they could add. It’s not a big deal. I mean Picollo could say in the next chapter that he trained Gohan before coming here and we could get a flashback which would fix the gap.

Previously even before it was shown that Gohan will train with Picollo; many of us assumed Gohan will return. One way or the other he is bound to get a power boost. Now, I made some assumptions on probable scenarios where Gohan could have got the boost. One was when Goku-Vegeta and all other Z fighters go to fight for the tournament. Gohan while being alone on earth might have to encounter some threat absolutely alone and hold it off till others return. Or if somehow universe 6 gets earth Gohan could be the only one to get shifted and have to face dangers until others arrive. But, there was one major problem that is Gohan was awfully out of form. Even if he faced life threatening situation he couldn’t power up. And we got that proof on the resurrection F arc. Picollo died infornt of him, the earth was in danger. He tried but he failed to power up or inflicts any major impact.

But, now since Picollo is training him it gives a logical reason. He might power up to a new level this time contrary to the previous one. And the logical reasoning would be that slight training made him unlock his potential and gear up once again. As we all know Picollo is like the masters of masters in unlocking potential. Especially, in-case of Gohan; no one knows Gohan better than Picollo. Picollo is actually the Namek who built Gohan. He didn’t only make him strong and unlock his potential; he also changed his attitude and way of seeing life. Currently Gohan is back at his venerable condition and I couldn’t think of anyone better who could get him started than Picollo.

Also another thing hints strongly that Gohan will be back on action. That is they gave Gohan a new hairstyle and I think it looks pretty cool. The ‘I am coming back to action type’! Now, soon they shall get rid of that Green Tracksuit that constantly reminds us of how Gohan got owned by Golden Frieza. And he should buff up for the upcoming actions.

SPOILER ALERTS. For anyone, who watches the anime series only and would not like to know about the upcoming stories.

From Manga, we know the team of Beerus or Universe 7 consists of Goku, Vegeta , Picollo, Buu and Monaka. Now, there was a rule that all the participants must pass the written test in order to be able to fight in the tournament. Buu failed. Primarily it looked like to me that if anyone fails in that test its equivalent to getting eliminated and they have to fight with one less fighter. And since they started the tournament without bringing any new change I thought that’s how it’s going to be. And because it would be easier for the plot to progress if Universe 6 wins and since the fighters are of almost equal powers. One less fighter could justify the win of U6 if they decide to do so.

Another reason why it appeared unlikely to me that Gohan would replace Buu; Is because we never saw Gohan training in the manga and at that point it appeared as though it would be pointless to bring Gohan. Because, he already was threatened in Resurrection F arc and still remained useless. I didn’t see how applying pressure again could result in anything better. Now, as the anime series progresses and we now know that Gohan is training and that even before the tournament. It’s now less unlikely that Gohan could replace Buu. Like, I mentioned earlier it would be logical if Gohan attains stronger form coming under pressure now as he trained opposed to being unprepared to face Frieza.

Besides, one great thing is that the Manga writing is on process now. So, it’s even slightly possible that TOEI might have requested to include Gohan on more actions seeing the fan reactions. That is even if Toriyama primarily didn’t have plans to include Gohan it could be that he changed his minds and we will see Gohan in. And if that’s pre-planned, I think it was way better than including Gohan directly at the beginning. They didn’t do it at the beginning and just when the fans were like damn it WTF u doing with Gohan. He surprises us. That’s great for the plot.

Now, If Gohan does come back in action. It’s only obvious that he will get some sort of transformation. The question is will he get new transformations or power boost? If yes then which one?

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