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I'm over 100 hours into Fallout 4 on my third character Max Rockatansky, and my mind continues to wander about the season pass and what it may contain. So, I would like to venture a guess at three different scenarios that could take place. Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments section

Idea One: The Unstoppables

Memory Den is one of the best parts of Goodneighbor. Although it's one of the more intriguing locations within the Commenwealth, it was entirely underused and completely ignored following the Silver Shroud quest. The possibility of a DLC taking us back to Memory Den is a common and reasonable speculation, but the question remains what will we do once we get there. Where will we go? Who can we be?

My idea is that we are granted access to the memories of a writer, perhaps the author of a comic or other book. As you might know, The Unstoppables is the in-game comic which gives a slight buff to the user. What if the author's brain matter is given to the player in order for him to explore the author's memories in search of a secret. A secret that lies within the pages of The Unstoppables.

In the vanilla version of F4 we go on an adventure as the Silver Shroud. This quest was original. It was filled with humor and some of the best dialogue of the game. Sadly, this was just one quest. I would have loved to take up the mantel of the Shroud for my entire play through, voice and all. Cue, my DLC idea. In this writer's memories, you will be able to go on the adventure he wrote about in the comics. You will play alongside new companions such as The Inspector, Grognak, Mistress of Mystery and Manta Man. You will pick up the role of Shroud once more. In this DLC you will fight numerous fictional foes as the Shroud and Co.

Idea Two: Lovecraft

Underwater DLC ideas seem to be unending, but I would like to suggest a more nuanced view. An underwater DLC would be most interesting and successful if it introduced H.P. Lovecraft's villainous Cthulhu, the creature many wastelanders know and love. In this DLC you'll venture into the abyss and fight against various sea factions and the Cult of Cthulhu.

Idea three: Civil War

The Minutemen are the purest faction in F4. They cannot be destroyed. Neither can Preston, even though you want to kill him on more occasions than one. In Civil War you receive news of another Minutemen sect outside of the Commenwealth, waging war on the innocent. Their sect might be based in Maine, New York, or Philadelphia. With news of this sect's monstrous war-like ambition, you and your trusty Laser Musket-wielding soldiers head out to this new land to stop them before it's too late.

You eventually travel to this land via the USS Constitution, assuming they are still alive and well. If they aren't, you'll travel on foot. You meet this opposing faction and have battles, some twist and turns with characters you know and trust and some you meet along the way in this dlc and have to make a choice to kill them off, or to kill of the Minutemen of the Commenwealth. Both sides will have great and valid arguments so the choice will be harder than one may expect. Cause you know "war, war never changes."

Tell me your thoughts on these three ideas and give me your own.


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