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Hello all! I know many of you are still puzzled to who Zoom is, I know I am. We all think behind the mask in the father of Barry Allen, the proof is right there in front of us and we couldn't be more sure. Here, I have a picture of a non edited Zoom taking hostage Grant Gustin for fun. (spoilers).

From what I could gather is the actor who plays Zoom does indeed have brown eyes as the previous photo had. He also has puffiness below his eyes, but with much similarity as Jay Garrick. Of course, in the episode "The Reverse Flash" returns we learn that Jay Garrick's doppleganger is none other than, Hunter Zolomon.

Hunter Zolomon was Zoom in the comics and the third Reverse Flash.

Could this mean that Jay Garrick is Zoom himself or is it Hunter Zolomon from earth 1? The answers should be completely coming around in February while they finish their earth 2 storyline arc.

Who do you think Zoom is? Is it our close friend Jay Garrick or is it the father that we've all came to love? Tell us down below!


Who is Zoom?


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