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Stephen Goline

Captain America: Civil War is just a few months away now and the rumors are flying about who will meet their end in this darker Marvel installment. I think numerous characters will die. Not just War Machine, but possibly even Stark and I think Steve Rogers.

In this the third installment in the Captain America stand alone series, we have seen numerous story arcs for Steve, Bucky, Falcon, and SHIELD as a whole. So, I believe it is necessary and very likely that the Russo's will kill off Steve, but not for very long. Why, you may ask...

Thus far in the MCU no major heroes have died, sorry Quicksilver you don't count. The stakes just haven't been that high yet. We haven't feared for our heroes lives. Our heroes in all honesty have been invulnerable! So, to counter act this trend the Russo's need to smack us the audience across the face and wake us up from this state of fearlessness and take away a major character for a while.

In Civil War we all pretty much know that someone will die, but who? How many? I think we will have two to three members of The Avengers die. One or two for good! Some may return to life in the near future. Steve is a likely candidate but not a fan favorite to die. I however hope he does, not because I hate him, quite the opposite, he's my favorite of the MCU cast. If the Russo's were to kill Steve and leave Bucky or Falcon to take up the mantel of Captain America it would show us how real this world is and how anyone can die at any given time, especially when Thanos shows up.

If Steve were to die it would send a wave of fear across the MCU that would be hard to shake, but this would be the best possible thing that could happen to the MCU heading into Phase 3 and the looming Part One and Two of Infinity War.

Now following Steve's death whoever takes up his Shield would need to own it and bring his own moral code and ethics to the table and live for Steve. My choice is Bucky since he's his best friend and it would be a fitting conclusion to his characters arc. Now with Steve dead would that mean he's gone for good? Well, no. Steve should return in Infinity War part one's finale going into Part Two. He would be brought back via an Infinity Stone, Time Gem or Soul Gem? Take your pick. With Steve back he would return following Thanos pretty much taking out the entire MCU cast leaving us with a huge cliffhanger into the finale Part two.

With Steve back he will pick up the shield from a lifeless Bucky and somehow get the Time Stone from it's carrier and reverse time to bring back his team to fight Thanos once more but now with Steve back and in charge!

Give me your thoughts on my theory and give me your own theories!


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