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Stephen Goline

In the trailers for Batman vs Superman we see lots of backlash from the destruction caused in the battle of Metropolis from Man of Steel. We know from the latest TV Spot that thousands died in this battle and Bruce holds Superman responsible, as do many people around the world. In this battle we know from the trailers and the latest news from Empire magazine that some people close to Bruce died in this battle, people that he would consider family.

So, who is considered family? Alfred and the Bat family, obviously but I don’t believe they would be in a building of his especially the Financial building which we see has been destroyed and lies now in ruins. Yes Alfred is alive and well in the film and yes, one of the Robins has died since we see a charred and broken Robin suit in the Batcave. However, Robin did not die in this battle, he likely died at the hands of the Joker. So who did die in the battle we saw in Man of Steel? Well, we see a newspaper clipping sent to Bruce saying, “you let your family die.” Likely sent from the Joker in Arkham.

I firmly believe that Lucius Fox perished in the battle while at work in the Wayne Financial Building. I know we haven’t heard of any casting for Lucius Fox or seen him in any set photos or footage, but that means nothing. He could have very well been cast and filmed his scene in a day or two. Now for some logical reasoning to why it’s Lucius that dies. Lucius is a close friend to the Wayne’s and Bruce. He manages the financial side of Bruce’s endeavors most of the time and outfits him from time to time as well.

In the scene when this building is being destroyed we see Bruce running down the street on the phone with someone. Who is that someone? I believe again it’s Lucius on the other end speaking with Bruce in his final moments before the building falls. Also, we see Bruce yell in anger while on the phone as if someone he loves or cares about has been hurt. In conclusion those are a few reasons I believe Lucius Fox dies in Batman v Superman and is a driving force in Batman’s war against Superman.

I could be wrong and may be since another theory of mine is that it could very well be Oracle or Barbara Gordon who met her end in this scene, but we will see come March.

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