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Ryan Matsunaga

For months we've been wondering what Jon Jones' return to MMA would look like. Will he have to work his way up to a title shot? Will he take a stab at the heavyweight division? Will he even return to the UFC at all?

Well, now we have a pretty good idea of what Jones' plans look like.

When UFC vice president of PR Dave Sholler was asked about Jones returning for an immediate light heavyweight title shot, he replied that it was basically a sure thing.

"We expect to have an announcement within the next couple of days here," said at a recent press conference. "Things are shaking out, and I think you guys are going to be pleased with the outcome."

While an official announcement hasn't been made, the word is that Jones and Cormier will face off on April 23 at UFC 197.

The match-up will be particularly interesting, as Daniel Cormier is the current LHW champion, despite being soundly defeated by Jones in 2015. Jones was stripped of his title after a hit-and-run charge was leveled at him, and in his absence, Cormier bested Anthony Johnson at UFC 187 to become champion.

Now that Jones' suspension has been lifted though, he's been re-ranked as the no.1 UFC P4P fighter, despite no longer holding a title.


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