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The great thing about comic book movies is that fans can finally witness their favorite comics coming to life on the big screen. This list will focus on the comics that were made after the movie and actually ended up being pretty amazing. Get your nerd glasses on and let's do this.

1. Star Wars

This great series was obviously influenced by it's movie counterpart and received a lot of critical praise. Some of these comics are canon with the film while others represent the expanded Star Wars universe explaining lives of new and even old characters. This series has been running since the release of New Hope and was running with Dark Horse Comics, and now Marvel is presently taking hold.

2. Tron

After the first Disney movie, Tron was created into a mini TV series and than ultimately became a comic book series owned by Marvel. This series shows fans details they could not experience on film on how the Tron universe was created, even diving more in depth with other characters. The last comic was released on 2011 and audiences are asking for more.

3. Godzilla

These comic series have been running since the first film adaption of Godzilla was featured on film back in 1954. Comic studios such as Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW, and Legendary Comics, have been re-writing stories for this monster for a very long time. He even has fought with some of the greatest Marvel superheroes you can think of. Every issue is monster destruction and fans can not wait for this years new release.

4. 28 Days Later: Aftermath

After the success of what is considered one of the greatest zombie movies of all time; the comic was spawned to fill the gap between 28 days later and 28 weeks later. Showing the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse this comic series wasn't brought into the big light like it should have been.

5. Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator

Based solely off the films and even with similar story lines, this comic series still seems to fascinate fans. With over the top violence and great story telling; these series tell the stories of the lives of aliens and predators and the endless fight between them.

6. Starship Troopers

Taken over by Dark Horse Comics; Starship Troopers, the comic series tells the story of war with the insect aliens through flashbacks by the soldier Juan Rico. Bloody and intense this series is a story of politics, war, and gaining peace. I already want to re watch the great film.

7. Planet of the Apes

Owned by many comic book publications such as Marvel and Dark Horse (which own like every comic) is now in the long running hands of Boom comics. Tied straight into the films, this series shows fans the apes perspective of what is really happening. Humans think the apes are evil while the apes think humans are evil. This series is a very engaging read.

8. Total Recall

This comic series was created in 2011 and continued the journey of the 1990 film. More intense than the movie with engaging panels; fans were hoping that this series would continue for years. Comics stopped after the 2012 film was released.

9. RoboCop

This series was owned by Marvel believe it or not....actually it is quite believable. Anyway this series took place between the first and second film and was still as bloody and awesome as the film. Taking the story-line of Alex Murphy, this bad ass cop takes down the city's most notorious enemies.

10. Indiana Jones

Marvel owned this series and passed it to Dark Horse. Shocker. This series was wonderfully drawn and showed fans more great adventures of Indiana Jones that they didn't get to see in the films. Revisiting old villains and characters make this comic a very exciting read.

What other movie comics were great?

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