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Yes my friends, you read that right. Hollywood's trend of revamping old films in the form sequels, reboots, prequels, and whatever else you want to call these movies is continuing. And the sequel monster that is Hollywood has claimed its next victim in the form of a Top Gun sequel. Or at least that's what the rumor mill is leading us to believe.

It all started with a simple Tweet from producer Jerry Bruckheimer standing with his arm around Maverick himself, Tom Cruise.

The sequel has been in talks for quite a while now with recently deceased director, Tony Scott, discussing potential plot ideas with Tom Cruise. Val Kilmer even teased his return to the film back in November. After Scott's tragic passing and little talk of it since, the sequel seemed to be an ill-fated dream. But now it seems that it might actually be happening.

Most fans that have their voices heard have been excited about the sequel primarily because of the nostalgia of it. Most don't even realize what the film is actually about.

Not to knock these super excited fans in the slightest, but it has nothing to do with Maverick being an instructor (though it is a possibility) or Goose's return (though we all want nothing more than that).

It's All About Drones

Please don't collectively groan, my now underwhelmed readers, this is way better of a move than you think it is. Not only will it make for an interesting story, but it reflects the general trends of aviation right now.

Drones are taking over every industry ever. Okay, not every industry, but most. Which industries? The military, the police, the fire department, Hollywood, the NFL, Amazon, NASA, real estate, agriculture, and transportation to name a few. Drones are one of the biggest and fastest growing fields in the world right now. So fast, that as of last year, NBC calculated a total of 103,000 jobs opening up to people who have the proper certificate. That number will continue to increase as people realize the affordability and accessibility of drones.

It is so fast-growing and high-demanding that the Air Force is now resorting to enlisting drone pilots. This is the first time that the Air Force has ever had non-officer pilots in their ranks. That's how serious this new industry is.

So what does this mean for Top Gun 2? Skydance Productions CEO David Ellison has quickly explained the plot for the sequel:

It is very much a world we live in today where it’s drone technology and fifth generation fighters…. It’s really exploring the end of an era of dogfighting and fighter pilots and what that culture is today

Which, when I learned about the sequel, was my initial thought. My first plan when hearing about this movie was to write an article about how they should make the sequel about drones and the passing of the baton from fighter jets to drones. Moreover, the way that these older pilots are dealing with the change. Showing, once again, the struggle the previous generation has with the world they thought they knew changing so drastically. Which seems to be exactly what the producers have in mind.

Needless to say, this film has me excited. Being a pilot myself, and working on receiving my drone pilot certificate, I could not be happier about having a movie like this come out. But as a movie nut, I can't help but be a little tentative.

As Schmidt from New Girl so eloquently puts it, all movies are pretty much sequels now. Which pretty much ruins the movie-watching experience. And while some directors know what they're doing and can do a great job (Mad Max: Fury Road, Creed and Jurassic World), there are others that cannot (The Karate Kid, Fantastic Four and Terminator: Genysis). So, it's a little iffy as to how this sequel will do.

But I feel pretty optimistic about this one. It's more than just a reboot and it's more than just a sequel. Like Disney and Pixar, it seems that the people over at Skydance Productions have decided to wait until they have a valid plan for a sequel. Which they do. The synopsis for Top Gun 2 seems like an actual sequel and less like Top Gun's clone with a different cast. If Skydance does it right, Top Gun 2 will take what worked in the original and improve upon it with something new.

The best way for Bruckheimer to optimize this film would be by rejuvenating the rivalry between Iceman and Maverick. With Maverick being the fighter jet instructor and Iceman being drone instructor at the Navy's Fighter Weapons School. The two would butt heads arguing over which one was better, though still being "good friends".

Relying on their young students, they would have a small competition to prove one is better than the other. However the film ends, I just hope that the focus will be on the young students rather than their over-competitive instructors.


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