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Superman, The Man of Steel, The Man of Tomorrow, The Last son of Krypton. There are many titles to this character, but many people know him as one of the greatest characters in all of comic book history. He's looked at as a symbol of hope, that we can achieve greatness as long as we hold on to hope. He is looked at as a god like figure that does not look down at people, even when they look up to him.

I've seen it many times, heard many things, but the one thing that I do have to bring up is an important one. Superman's "death" by the hands of the ancient abomination and the "murderer" of the last son.....


Ever since Doomsday appeared, he has gained a wicked boost in popularity, he has an interesting backstory, his powers are pretty insane, but the one thing that he is most popular for as mentioned before was that he alone was the one that has killed Superman, but is that true?

There have been people all over the place saying Doomsday did not actually kill Superman, but instead beat him into a coma. A healing coma at that. Now, is it true that Doomsday actually failed to kill Superman? Has Superman in fact never been killed before?

The answer to that question is...

No! Superman was in fact killed by Doomsday. This may come as a surprise to people who believe Superman has not been killed at the hands of the raging behemoth, but I'm sure there are some that want evidence to these claims. These claims of Superman being such a giant figure that has actually met the hands of death. Well, there is only one true strong piece of evidence and it's more than enough to prove this to be true.


The Blackest Night.

Meet Nekron! Nekron is the embodiment of death, the creator of the cursed black lantern rings of Sector 666. One of the most powerful entities in the DC universe. "The Black Lantern Rings will descend upon the worlds and claim the loved ones who have been lost. They will forever hunger for those who still feel. And when the Blackest Night begins, the Black Lantern Rings find their bearers, and when the Black Lantern Corps is ready... the dead will rise."

What are the powers of a Black Lantern ring? A Black Lantern Ring can basically do what most other lantern rings can do, but it also has some dark abilities as well. A Black Lantern ring can read and detect emotions, regenerate the wearer's body to ridiculous extents even lost limbs, reanimating the dead, but most of all, it can take hold of the dead or those that have been killed in the past. Hmmm? Those that have been killed in the past?

Now, if that is true, then that would mean that the rings would attempt to possess only those that have been killed and revived, correct? Yes! That is true, and the rings have possessed heroes that have been killed in the past and revived such as heroes like Aquaman, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and yes even......

The Man of Steel himself!
The Man of Steel himself!

If Superman has not been killed in the past and has been placed into a healing coma, why was he chosen to be a wearer of a Black Lantern ring? This is indeed proof that even Superman has fallen and been claimed by death. Those claims of him being beaten into a healing coma were in fact false, he was in fact dead, but he did come back to life.

Post in the commments, share your opinions on what you think and maybe if there's better evidence on his death being confirmed or perhaps on how my evidence is wrong.


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