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The Superbowl is a pretty massive and important time in the sporting world, it is also pretty massive for the entertainment industry. The big game has established itself as a prime time to show of a new trailer or footage to an audience in the millions. I personally LOVE the Superbowl, and I have no idea how the game works, probably because I don't watch the game, just the ads in between. This being said, here's what can we expect this year from the big game, not the sports though, the nerdy stuff.

1. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

While BvS might already be one of the biggest films of the year, the marketing are proving that they REALLY want to sell this thing, so much so they showed the majority of the movie in the last trailer.

With audiences being rather mellow about Man of Steel this final large push could really sway some opinions. That being said we have already seen so much from the movie and is any more really necessary?

2. Captain America: Civil War

The rather tame marketing team on this one have held back a little bit as apposed to other teams (*cough* Warner Brothers *cough*). The first trailer a few months ago established the tone and basic outline of the film. Now, I much like many others, are hungry for more. I want some characters established and I want to see the dynamic between them all. Superbowl would be perfect to push the film even more so before it is released in a couple of months.

3. Ghostbusters

With less than 6 months before the release of this film and all we have seen is a few set photos and posters. I am becoming cautious. Last year another reboot held back on releasing marking until the last second, and look how that turned out.

Lets just say it wasn't Fantastic.
Lets just say it wasn't Fantastic.

Maybe they have been waiting til the big game to reveal their massive trailer. If a trailer does debut, I imagine it will be filled with more jokes than any content, just based off the cast list and how much the world is fascinated with Melissa McCarthy. Here's hoping though, they cant put this trailer off anymore ...

4. Untitled Bourne 5 Film

Yup, still untitled, and it releases in less than a year. That being said, this is one that you can definitely expect. Author Eric Van Lustbader, who is currently writing the series of Bourne novels, confirmed on his Facebook that a trailer accompanied with an official title will debut at the big game. Last we saw of Bourne, he wasn't really Bourne. With Jeremy Renner previously in the role in a rather dismal film and performance, this trailer really needs to get everyone back to loving Bourne.

5. The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Yay? Not really? I personally have never really cared for this franchise. After not making as much money as originally expected, this YA series will really need to prove itself and make its mark with Allegiant, especially with the expectation of making it to five movies. Last year, the film's predecessor, Insurgent, got promoted with a brand new spot and I expect that this film will do the same. The question is what riveting exciting rich scenes are they going to chose from.

6. Deadpool

While the film is EXTREMELY close to its release (days) the marketing team on this one have proved their true genius and I doubt they will miss an opportunity as large as the big game. The question is, just what will they do. A Deadpool Public Service Announcement? Maybe Reynolds will gear up in the costume again and parade around the stadium. One thing is for sure if Deadpool is at the game, it is going to be hilarious.


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