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The line up of TV series continues to improve year after year. Many argue than watching TV series is better than going to the movies. What is clear is that the quality keeps on improving year.

On netivist they are running a poll and a public debate to decide the best series of 2015: These are the pre-selected ones:

1- Mad Men, season 7 (AMC).

2-The Walking Dead, season 5 (AMC).

3-Game of Thrones, season 5 (HBO).

4-The Americans, season 3 (FX).

5-Fargo, season 2 (FX).

6-The Leftovers, season 2 (HBO).

7-Better Call Saul, season 1 (AMC).

8-Mr Robot, season 1 (USA Network).

9-Master of None, season 1 (Netflix).

10-Marvel’s Daredevil, season 1 (Netflix).


If you want to check out the poll and participate you can click here:

Top TV series of 2015


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