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I'm a GINORMOUS Harry Potter fan. I am an understanding one though. I know that the movies can not be too long. However, you can't leave out key elements from the book! Most Potterheads know exactly which movie I am talking about. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. There are tons of missing scenes. The Goblet of Fire was the longest book so we couldn’t expect everything to be in there. There were very important characters missing.

The first missing characters were Charlie Weasley and Bill Weasley. These two are the eldest Weasley children. They were there for the Quidditch World Cup and helped fight the Death Eaters. Later on, Charlie brought the dragons used in the First Task! That was an important element in it all! Also, as we all know, Bill and Fleur end up married. It was at Hogwarts that they first saw each other! That’s not important to everyone, but as a hopeless romantic, it is to me!

The next missing character played a much bigger part - Winky the house elf. To Bartemius Crouch Sr., she played one the greatest parts. Winky was found in a bush with Harry's wand! Why is that so important? That wand was the one to summon the Dark Mark in the sky! Did she herself conjour it? No, but she was tied to Barty Crouch Jr, the one who did! Not only that, but she also became great friends with Dobby when she was drinking in the kitchens of Hogwarts! Winky even participated at the Battle of Hogwarts!

Somethings that were missing were not necessarily important people or scenes, but things that would have added more to the characters themselves! Vella is a great part of what makes men so attracted to Fleur and her little sister who are 25 percent Vella. Vella can make men crazily attracted to them, however, when angered they turn into harpy like creatures!

Another thing that really adds more to one character's personality is S.P.E.W. Before you get grossed out, its not what you think! S.P.E.W. is the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare that was founded by Hermione Granger. After finding out that the enslaved elves were the ones who cooked and clean for all those within the castle, she made S.P.E.W. To try to free the house elves and get them wages and such and she would leave knitted hats, socks, etc. Unfortunately, this didn’t work. The elves caught on and stopped cleaning the Gryffindor tower. I just think this adds more to Hermione herself.

I could go on forever about the missing pieces of the Harry Potter series but I think that'll be enough for now!


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