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Love the little girl in the trailer when she asks him "Like the Devil' and gods couldn't the guy also have blue eyes to go with that accent isn't there some sort of phrase the devil has blue eyes or something like that?

The Devil Takes a vacation

So the Devil was bored in hell and decides to go on a vacation where else but to L.A. and he owns the nightclub called Lux and becomes a consultant to the LAPD officer in which Lauren German plays...Chloe Dancer, (sounds like a stripper name to me) the cop who was once on tv in a reality show I think and investigating the case of the singer who is murdered.

Lucifer Morningstar played by actor Tom Ellis with that yummy accent comes from Bangor, Wales UK . This devil or shall I say misunderstood fallen angel is quite cheeky and has a knack that people tell him their darkest desires to the point even a cop forgets to give him a ticket after telling Lucifer how he breaks the rules (err law). Though with the ego and immortality he can be pretty annoying and obnoxious but still otherwise likable with the wit and getting the amusement (at least for me) of sticking it to those he will now punish in our world. Honestly its a comedy & I guess a drama but if you don't laugh at some of the lines from Lucifer... I think you need a lobotomy!

I will likely be sticking with watching this show. I had a few laughs from it especially when he walks into some rap artist's hangout and tell him I hate your music and the guy thinks he means more than JUST him in thinks he's being racist (people always got make it a race thing even when it is not)

The show was a good pace and it didn't feel like it was on long I think it was an hour show and I'd swear it was only on for half hour (or less), as if I blinked and it was over! I'd say its a fun show to watch.

As for the whole family... well I'm not sure but I'd say at least junior high school and up as far as the pilot goes and I'm publishing this after 1 watch because I enjoyed it. A cousin of mine and his wife also enjoyed it ( the kids.. well they are in bed at 7 or 8! so they don't get to)

I think this and Second chance should be on fox in the same night

Disclaimer.... this is a summary of my review from my blog

I've taken a few parts out as I wasn't sure if I could include them here plus there's a bit of a rant on the blog about some moms already trying to get the show canceled! (so its a bit of an answer to that as well plus a few links about the show as well are on there)


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