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Before I even write a word of this, I am going to warn you that THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE.

So if you don't want to know anything further about the plot or potential revelations regarding [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), then STOP READING RIGHT NOW.







Still with me?

Okay, great. Way to be a hardcore BvS news junkie.

Remember way back in the day when the first pictures of Scoot McNairy on the set of Batman v Superman surfaced of him wearing green screen socks? The most popular theories that circulated at the time were that he was either playing The Flash, with the green screen socks meant to CGI his supersonic legs, or supervillain Metallo, with his metal legs.

More recently, now that we know it will be Ezra Miller playing The Flash in the DCEU and that Metallo will not be making an appearance just yet, the rumors have turned to speculating that McNairy will be playing Jimmy Olsen, injured during the Battle of Metropolis and now wheelchair-bound.

As it turns out, that is right...but also wrong. According to Latino-Review, who broke the scoop, McNairy will be playing a character who was injured during Superman's final battle with Zod, but it's not Jimmy Olsen.

Apparently, McNairy's character will be a guy who is brought in to testify against Superman at a U.S. Senate hearing in the wake of the fallout from Superman's superpowered throw-down. However, he'll play a more vital role, as well, as he supposedly gets radicalized by Lex Luthor's campaign against Superman and, in a scheme of Luthor's, gets turned into "a human bomb of sorts," meant to get close to Superman in order to hurt him.

It's unclear in the Latino-Review article, however, as to whether this means a literal human bomb, with McNairy's character set to go BOOM! or a metaphorical one who will cause psychological chaos in Superman's head or discord among his allies.

If an actual, physical bomb, maybe it will involve the kryptonite that we've seen Luthor contemplating in the trailers? Otherwise, it doesn't make much sense as a regular bomb wouldn't do any damage to Superman, in theory.

It seems like a small, but pivotal role, but still, with fans always expecting bigger and more surprising when it comes to comic book films, this spoiler, if true, might prove a bit of a let-down.


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