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tyler henry

The Dark Knight Rises.

Grade: B+

The Dark Knight Rises. Easily one one of the most hyped films of all time. This review is to look at the film with no hyperboles attached.

Sence its release of around 3 years ago the final chapter of the Nolan batman film ends on a note that could of been better. Mild spoilers ahead.

The dark knight rises trys so hard to be perfect it leaves behind plotholes galore. The plot hole that irratates me the most is how bane hijacks the trade center and basically forcloses on wayne manor. The next day way manor is forclosed on. The bank wouldnt do that they would of been huge robbery involving the housing market! Lets go through with the foreclosure. It just doesn't make any sense.

The second biggest plot hole is easily how we see a damn nuke timer and batman in the cockpit and and the nuke goes off but batman escapes. It just feels like a cop out.

Even after all these years the hype has died out, and we can see this isn't a perfect film but it is a fun movie with good performances and action.


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