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15. Trampy Leatherface Mask (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

What the hell is this thing. It literally makes Leatherface look like a prostitute. It looks nothing like real skin and it doesn't even look scary. I hate the movie and I hate this.

14. Grandmother Mask (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation)

Thank god you only saw this for a few minutes in this crappy movie. Again it looks nothing like skin and again it doesn't look scary. It only makes Leatherface look slightly less stupid that the trampy mask.

13. Whatever The Hell This Is Mask ( Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation)

Another mask from next generation that is just ugly. It doesn't look frightening at all. It looks like rubber. The only reason this is the best Mask from that crappy movie is because it looks a little less stupid than the others.

12. Kemper Mask (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003)

This is another stupid looking mask. It makes Leatherface look hilarious. It's literally just Kemper's face on Leatherface's face and it just looks awkward to me.

11. Bubba Sawyer Mask (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2)

This again just makes Leatherface look ridiculous. It doesn't look like skin at all. But my biggest issue is that it doesn't give Leatherface an emotion.

10. Pretty Girl Mask (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Now I do really like this mask. I think it's pretty accurate to the original pretty girl mask. The only reason it's at #9 is because you only see it for a brief moment in the movie.

9. Thomas Hewitt Mask (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003)

I'm not the biggest fan of this mask, but I definitely do like it. I think the design and detail is very well done. But the issue I have with it is that it looks sort of rubbery and not like skin.

8. Jr. Mask (Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III)

I love the way this mask looks. It is a huge improvement over the part 2 mask. It's all bloody and kinda looks like skin. Plus it makes him look very frightening.

7. Deputy Mask ( Texas Chainsaw 3D)

This mask looks really, really cool. I love all the stitch marks and the design and detail. Plus this was the first mask that we saw Leatherface put on which was a really good scene.

6. Eric Mask ( The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning)

I love this mask. I love all the stitches and the sort of fresh feel it has on screen, being the first skin mask he ever wears. Just a really creepy looking mask.

5. Jedidiah Sawyer Mask (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

This is a great mask. I love the aging to it and the ware. It looks frightening and intimidating. The fee strands of hair also add a lot to it. This is definitely my favorite mask in Texas Chainsaw 3D.

4. Rag Mask ( The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning)

This is definitely one of the creepiest masks in the franchise. Yes it's not made of skin, but it's fine with me because he didn't develop that idea until like 30 mins until the end of the movie. This is also the first mask Leatherface ever wore which makes even better.

3. House Mother Mask ( The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

First off I'm sorry about the image, it's the only one I could find. But anyway, I love this mask. It's the second mask he wore in the movie and it is a little high for a mask that he only wore for a scene, but it looks great. It actually looks like human skin and this adds a whole new emotion to the character.

2. Pretty Girl Mask ( The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Another amazing mask. And again it looks like actually human skin. And again it adds a whole new emotion. Now he sees himself as a pretty girl who at the same time is scared of his family. The mask also looks terrifying. I love this mask.

1. The Original Mask ( The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

This has always been my favorite Leatherface mask. It looks a lot like human skin. And this mask gives him a whole new personality. He now seems like a farmer who looks very intimidating, but at the same time he's terrified of all these people just coming in his home. My top 3 favorites are all the best because they're the only masks in the franchise that give him different personalities and look like real human skin.


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