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When I first read about this movie coming out, I was immediately intrigued. Knowing that Henry Cavil (Batman vs Superman, Man of Steel, Immortals) was going to be in it, was an instant message to me that I needed to watch it. Then I saw the trailer and I was certain I would love it...and well I absolutely do, having seen it twice now!

If you have not seen this movie and intend to, there will be spoilers below, so don't continue reading or just skip past the spoilers.

It was very entertaining to see the chemistry these characters have with each other. Despite their differences and conflict they complimented each other and it was entertaining to see this play out through the course of the film. Henry Cavill plays Solo, the suave and sneaky American agent with a history of trouble while Armie Hammer portrays Illya, the intimidating and brooding Russian agent with a bad past. Alicia Vikander also stars as Gaby the tough and beautiful German woman with daddy problems. They all have great differences between each other, but in the end, they are able to save the day and show actual concern for each other. Especially Illya and Gaby who become loves interests.

I also loved the nice little twist nearing the end, involving Gaby being a secret agent all along under the leadership of Waverly (played by Hugh Grant). That definitely took a few (if not most) watchers by surprise.

I can definitely see a sequel in the future because of how it ended- having Solo, Illya, and Gaby all meeting with Waverly and them being pronounced as team U.N.C.L.E. I can definitely see a sequel in the future. I haven't heard anything so far of there being more movies and I know that most people dislike how every good movie ends up becoming a trilogy or having a sequel. But with the talent these actors possess, as well as how well known they are, and the introduction we've been given with this movie, I can only see it getting better. Let me know what you thought of this movie in the comments below!


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