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With 20th Century Fox's Eddie the Eagle hitting theaters in a few weeks, the studio has provided us with a brand-new featurette that goes behind the scenes to tell the story of Eddie Edwards, a.k.a. "Eddie the Eagle," and how he turned in one of the most memorable Olympic performances of all time as one of ski-jumping's greatest underdogs.

Taron Egerton, who we last saw as a suave secret agent in [Kingsman: The Secret Service](tag:713143), is playing the role of Edwards, with X-Men's Hugh Jackman in the role of his unconventional coach, Bronson Peary. Here they are in this exclusive featurette, a sneak peak at what should be one of the feel-good flicks of the year.

Based on a true story, Michael Edwards, a.k.a. Eddie "The Eagle," was the true epitome of a feel-good underdog story, the first person to ever represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping at the 1988 Olympics in Stockholm. As an Olympian, he was a competitor that should have been kept from competing by any number of things: The fact he had no previous training as a ski jumper, that he was a good 20 lbs. heavier than the next lightest competitor, or that he had such bad vision that he had to wear his glasses at all times, which would fog up and render him blind on the ski jump.

But his persistence and oddness endeared him to the world, even if no one thought he had a snowball's chance in Hell of actually competing, and he became synonymous with the idea of the underdog. For those who love feel-good movies about the triumph of the human spirit, Eddie the Eagle is about as perfect as they come.

Eddie the Eagle is in theaters on February 26th.


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